An Ounce of Gratitude

Hey Ya’ll!

I am a new blogger here but I am not new to blogging. One thing you will quickly learn about me is I start every single post with “Hey Ya’ll” and that’s simply because it’s part of me and it’s who I am. I love to think it gives you a little piece of me and how I sound every day of my life. I am a proud born and raised Mississippi girl and many consider me a true Southern Belle. I love to blog and share my life experiences because I honestly believe it can in someway help you as well.

Today I want to talk about gratitude. It’s November, the holidays are near, and this is normally the time everyone starts talking about giving thanks. I absolutely love this time of the year. People are happy, fire places are going (I live in Texas so not really), people are happily spending money, and Christmas carols are playing. I think the Holidays truly bring out the best in us. What I have been trying to do for the remainder of this year is show gratitude every single day. I want the best of me to be displayed throughout all my days. So, I wake up in the morning and I write down all the things I am grateful for. More importantly I write down the small things that we tend to take for granted but impact our day in ways we could never imagine. So those moments like getting to finish your coffee before the children get out of bed…be grateful for that. The stranger that held the door for you when your hands were full this morning…be thankful for that. You didn’t have to clean up one poop accident today…be thankful for that. It is these things that can make or break our day and all we have to do is take time to focus on those moments. When we take time to focus on all the little things we are grateful for we don’t have the time to focus on all the negative. An ounce of gratitude can change the projection of your entire day.

Always remember that anything you’re going through you will come out on top. Life is a journey and every day we are faced with learning opportunities and lessons. I look at every day and every obstacle as a learning opportunity. This doesn’t mean I don’t get sad or down sometimes because I do. What it means is I try not to stay in that negative headspace. I ask myself what is there for me to learn from this situation? I am in this place, at this very moment, at this time, for a purpose. What is that purpose? God, the universe, your higher power if you have one, is building you. Be grateful for your experiences they shape and mold you into who you are and who you will become. It only takes an ounce.



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Lashonda Hollins

Lashonda Hollins is a 33 year old Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She is a born and raised extroverted Mississippi girl currently living in San Antonio, Texas. Lashonda has successfully worked as a Mental Health Therapist and Case Manager for the last 8 years serving families and Veterans. Throughout her career she has provided Individual Therapy, Group Therapy, as well as Family Therapy. Outside of work she loves traveling the world and spending time with her husband and high school sweetheart whom she's spent that last 16 years of her life growing with. Lashonda is the founder of L.Hollins S.P.E.A.K.S and is an avid supporter of Women's Health and Self-Care. She has spent the last year of her life working towards building her career as a professional and motivational speaker encouraging and empowering women to be more informed, more aware, and more active when it comes to their own physical and psychological health. Lashonda was motivated to become blogger and a speaker based on her own health issues which includes Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), infertility, fibroids, depression, and anxiety. Her goal is to use her platform to be there for other women providing education, support, and encouragement. Lashonda wants women to know they are not alone. Facebook: @LhollinsSpeaks Instagram: @l.hollins_S.P.E.A.K.S Pinterest: L.Hollins S.P.E.A.K.S Website: Blog:


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