Dr. A'isha LaDon Abdul Rahman, Ph.D

Instructional Program Manager

Peace & Blessings beloved. I am Dr. Aisha Abdul Rahman, Ph.D. I am an Instructional Program Manager with a background in Brand Design, Graphic Design, Desktop Publishing, Web Design, Instructional Design, UI/UX and Transpersonal Psychology. I am a bookworm and lover of all things creative and spiritual. Below you will find the articles that I have written here with the team at Crowned For Success. I pray that you find benefit in what we share. I love working with creative, spiritual womenprenuers that are here to inspire change in the world. I specialize in online course design, development, administration, management, and training with WordPress LearnDash and Moodle LMS Life is good, have a blessed day.

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If there’s one thing that holds entrepreneurs back from launching their business, it’s a lack…