M. A. Forensic Psychology

The Confidence Architect. Guiding women in identifying and overcoming their fears so they can be who they truly are and live in their dream NOW. Why? Because just a few short years ago she was where you are. She was pleasing everyone but herself, taking care of others before she took care of her, living in someone else’s expectations, and putting her dreams on the back burner. For a while, it felt okay, and then it started to feel fraudulent. She wanted to return to her authentic self. That’s exactly what she did. She stopped caring what people thought, how they perceived her, and what they wanted for her. She started caring about how she saw herself and what she wanted to do. She stopped limiting herself, crushed her inhibitions and decided to be Unapologetically Me. She was the only thing holding her back. She is here to help you start your path to achieving that same freedom. There will be love, motivation, encouragement, and confirmation that you do not need anyone else’s permission to Be Who You Truly Are.