It’s Okay To Embrace Your Darkness

Have you been suffering in darkness?

Have you been diagnosed with a mental illness; maybe something such as depression, bipolar, anxiety, and/or an eating disorder? Or maybe you haven’t been diagnosed professionally, but perhaps you just have some really dark and sad days, you might feel anxious sometimes, and/or maybe you don’t always eat the healthiest.

Whether you have a diagnosed mental illness, or you just struggle with these things every once in a while, it’s completely okay! Embrace it, embrace it all. You’re human. Everyone has their own struggles. Everyone has their own story. You don’t need to have any shame around that.

In fact, sharing your story, sharing your darkness, it can help to shift and change the world!

You have the power to show others that they don’t have to be ashamed of their emotions and feelings. Let others know that mental illness isn’t something to be ashamed of. You have the power to show others that they aren’t alone in their struggle.

Everyone struggles with something at some point in their lives, it’s truly inevitable. Yes, our stories differ, as our journeys are all unique, but when we share our stories, we can connect to one another on such a more intimate level. That’s what this world needs more of – true, divine, trusting connections – love.

So embrace your flaws, embrace your sadness, embrace all of your darkness, because there might be someone out there who is struggling, feeling completely alone. However, when you share your story, you can have such a strong, positive, effect on them. They then might look up to you, they might follow you and your story, they might even eventually reach out to you.

With the current events going on in the world, we need as much community and connection as we can get. By sharing your unique story and struggle, it can help us all become closer and more bonded than ever before.

The world needs to know that it’s okay to embrace our darkness. There should be no shame around mental illness, sadness, or struggles of any kind. We are all human. One.

This is exactly why I share my own struggle with mental illness very openly. I know my story has the potential to help someone out there, even if it’s just one person.

This is also why I coach women who struggle with darkness and mental illness too. I’ve been there myself. I know what it’s like to not want to live another day, to suffer, to feel so alone.

That’s all just part of my unique story, it’s part of my journey, and I’m not at all ashamed. I embrace it, and you should too. <3

We have amazing coaches that can help you through the darkness to the other side, visit them by clicking RVP Coaches.

Sending you so much love! xxx

Brooke Boesl

Brooke Boesl is a holistic feminine empowerment guide. She uses her background in psychology and nutrition to help women live their happiest and healthiest lives, focusing on the mind, body, and soul. She is passionate about topics such as plant-based wellness, feminine power, sensuality, spirituality, metaphysical healing tools, and overall self-improvement and self-love. Brooke uses a combination of these topics, along with holistic practices, to educate and guide women to step into their magical feminine essence, becoming the light of their own life!

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