What Your Ideal Client Desires But Isn’t Asking For

What is your Ideal Clients Deepest Desire?

Studies show that we are motived by unconscious desires within our hearts. For 99% of people, these desires come from an idea of what is true and what is not true about ourselves and who we are. Who we are is based on our nature and nurture growing up.

So, when your client is asking you for a new house, a new car, to lose weight, a soul mate, more money, or more clients. What they are really asking for is:

  1. Perfection: Your ideal client wants to make it right, to right a wrong, to fix it.
  2. Love: Your ideal client wants to be loved for who they are without needing to be everything for everyone else.
  3. Validation: Your ideal client wants to be seen and accepted for who they are not what they do. They have value, and they want to be acknowledged for it. 
  4. Wholeness: Your ideal client wants what they believe is missing and will make life meaningful.
  5. Freedom from Demands: Your ideal clients wants the freedom to be and learn without the demands of others.
  6. Trust & Loyalty: Your ideal client wants to feel safe in the world and to gain trust.
  7. Pleasure and Joy: Your ideal client wants joy and freedom of being in the moment.
  8. Justice: Your ideal client wants justice and safety, to not be controlled by outside influences.
  9. Inner Peace: Your ideal client wants calmness and a sense of stability within and around them.

Make your mark, leave a legacy.


Dr. A'isha LaDon Abdul Rahman, Ph.D

Instructional Program Manager

Peace & Blessings beloved. I am Dr. Aisha Abdul Rahman, Ph.D. I am an Instructional Program Manager with a background in Brand Design, Graphic Design, Desktop Publishing, Web Design, Instructional Design, UI/UX and Transpersonal Psychology. I am a bookworm and lover of all things creative and spiritual. Below you will find the articles that I have written here with the team at Crowned For Success. I pray that you find benefit in what we share. I love working with creative, spiritual womenprenuers that are here to inspire change in the world. I specialize in online course design, development, administration, management, and training with WordPress LearnDash and Moodle LMS Life is good, have a blessed day.

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  1. Great content! It’s always more than money or fame. I believe, like you stated in this post, that most people really want to connect, be loved, and feel valued. Keep up the good work!

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