It’s Your Birthright To Be Happy

It’s your actual birthright to be happy, it really is.
It’s your birthright to not just be alive in this life, but to fully live it.
Maybe it doesn’t feel that way, but that truly is your destiny.
You were not created to live this life in misery, but you were created to fully thrive.

If you’re stumbling, going through life in a deep, dark depression, or with such extreme anxiety, maybe you’re not sure if you can make it through even one more day – but I promise you that you can.
I’ve been there too, and it will get better.
I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but it really will.
You just must have patience, an utter desire, and some hope that it will get better, even on your darkest days.

Even though it may be hard, try to be aware of your thoughts in every moment.
When a negative, dark thought comes creeping through, don’t let it overpower and consume you.
Instead, try to take control over it, journal it down, reframe it.
I know it’s not easy to accomplish.
I’m not going to tell you to just “think positive” or “be happy”, because when struggling with depression and someone tells you that, there are few other things that can make you feel more alone than hearing those words.

However, I know that with practice you can overcome those negative thought patterns.
You can overcome those inner demons.
I don’t believe that you can just make things happen instantly, of course it’s not exactly that simple, but I do believe you can accept them.
You can accept your depression, anxiety, any mental illness, condition, or certain circumstance.
Then you continue to move forward.

Accept and move forward, that is how you overcome.
Breaking through your inner demons doesn’t require forcing, it doesn’t work that way, but instead a deep surrounding to what is.
Once you accept what is, without judgment, you are free to move forward.
You can go forward in life and continue to see your life as black and white, or you can choose to accept what is, surrender, and devote yourself to trying to live a happier and healthier life, and that is when the black and white of your life transforms into all the brilliant colors of the rainbow.
Whatever your choice, learn to honor your whole journey.
Your current struggle is only a part of your story, it’s just a piece of your journey, it’s not your final destination.

Know that your choices matter in each moment.
You matter in each moment.
Know that you are okay, even if you have to tell yourself “I am okay” several times a day until you actually are.
You will get there.

Try not to criticize or judge yourself, instead surrender into the moment, and accept what is.
Remember to journal your emotions and thoughts out, or if you can, talk to someone.
I know you want to be independent, but you can’t keep everything bottled up inside.  Share.
Let yourself be seen.
Let yourself be okay.
Know that we will all be okay.
Even if not now, we will be one day.
So please, don’t give up.

Remember, it is your birthright to be happy.

Sending you so much love.


Brooke Boesl

Brooke Boesl is a holistic feminine empowerment guide. She uses her background in psychology and nutrition to help women live their happiest and healthiest lives, focusing on the mind, body, and soul. She is passionate about topics such as plant-based wellness, feminine power, sensuality, spirituality, metaphysical healing tools, and overall self-improvement and self-love. Brooke uses a combination of these topics, along with holistic practices, to educate and guide women to step into their magical feminine essence, becoming the light of their own life!

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