Just Breathe

Just Breathe

You know that rule about putting on your air mask first before helping the person sitting next to you? Or the saying about how you are no good to anyone else unless you take care of yourself first? Well, turns out its all true!

As women, we tend to spend so much of our time taking care of others…whether the “others” are our family, friends, businesses, and even personal commitments…when in the world is there time for ourselves?  Believe me, I do it too!  But if we don’t get a hold of ourselves, things will spiral quickly…

Listen, the truth of the matter is that self care and “me time” are not an option. They are a necessity! In fact, making time for YOU is actually the number one thing to ensure that you thrive both in your personal and professional life.  I PROMISE!!
Here are my top tips for creating some ME time….(time to read, meditate, whatever you choose, as long as its for you….you may even want to just sit and BREATHE)


Take a look at HOW you view self time. Are you giving yourself a guilt trip about taking a few minutes to yourself? Any moms out here?!  Do you see me time as a luxury that you can take “one day”? If you truly want to make a difference in your amount of me time, you MUST start thinking of it as a necessity. Remember, any time you invest into your self and your personal growth is itself an investment that will help you manifest the business and life you desire.


Be sure to pinpoint the times in your day where you feel drained. Chances are if you are short on self time than you are probably spending a lot of time running around DOING yet not actually getting much done. There are times when we feel like we are running, running, running, yet are so tired or stressed that we are actually not being very productive. It’s the “so much to do” syndrome. So much to do so I cant possibly take a break? That’s probably when you need one most. Take a look at what you are
currently doing during your “me time”…does watching that TV show really relax you or would a quick workout serve you better? (And if its TV, thats OK!!  I love me some Housewives!)  Here’s the trick: come up with a list of your “go to” activities that truly rejuvenate you. See if you can schedule 15 minute chunks of time for YOU…pick something off the list and go for it! You will be surprised by what even just 15 minutes dedicated to your SELF can do for you.

Remember, this is for YOU!  If taking a mommy moment to pee alone in a quiet bathroom will revive you then make that YOUR TIME!  If its catching up on some Bravo, go for it!  Set a timer, and TAKE THAT 15 minutes for YOU.

What do you NEED?

Remember that list we talked about? Here’s where we create it. Identify the things that you need to help you be your best self. I realize this may be more difficult than it sounds to come up with since YOUR needs are probably the last thing you’ve thought about in a very long time. The first time someone asked me what I wanted…I was speechless.  I had ZERO clue what it is I actually wanted!!  How crazy!? This is your chance!! Have fun with it. Make a list and include EVERYTHING you can think of that will fulfill your soul. Eating,exercising, reading, bubble baths, whatever it is that YOU enjoy, that helps you center, that makes you, YOU, jot it on your list. Having this list will help you be clear about what you need and how you WANT to be spending your ME time. Having that clarity will lead to better stress management all around.


You are a brilliant, resourceful, successful business woman, do you really need to schedule time for yourself into your calendar? Yes!! Scheduling time for yourself into your daily planner will ensure that you actually carve out the time and commit to it.  I am OBSESSED with my planner…in fact, I may or may not have expanded into a new notebook for each life “bucket”…do what works for you. Just be sure you are intentional with organizing your time.

Utilize the same skills that you use to grow your businesses and your network…you schedule your other important tasks and appointments, give yourself the same respect and honor the appointments you set with yourself. When you prove to yourself that you value your ME time, there is a shift that takes place within yourself. You will find yourself not only craving that me time, but actually be able to enjoy it as well.
Remember that YOU are the center of your business. Make the commitment to yourself to take that ME time.

You are your most important investment and your most valuable resource.




Jihan is an Energy Leadership and Life Mastery Professional Certified Life Coach with certifications from iPEC (Institute for Performance Excellence in Coaching) and Crowned for Success . She holds a BS in Biology and Exercise Physiology from the University of Miami (GO CANES!), as well as a Masters/MBA from the University of Maryland. Jihan has worked many years in the corporate world, and is now living her life on her terms. She works with women (and men!) looking to discover their true "who", get themselves out of that RUT, overcome their huge life hurdles, and start living the lives of their dreams on the other side. Jihan is also a beauty coach and is passionate about helping women realize their beauty and brilliance in all areas of their lives. Her purpose is to help encourage and inspire others to truly see their potential, achieve their goals, change their lives, and follow their passion. She's a proud mommy, an entrepreneur (a mompreneur!) a network marketer, a writer, and lover of life! She loves living a life where she can truly uplift, empower, and validate others! For daily inspiration, be sure to give her a follow @strongwomenarebeautiful on Instagram.

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