Letter for the Broken Hearted

I am so sorry. 

I am so sorry this is happening to you once again. 

I knew going into the relationship; you had many expectations; if anything, mutual respect was expected. 


I know you keep holding on to his sweet phrases and you keep looking at your phone to see if he messaged you. He hasn’t been lately. No more sweet phrases. 

I know you gave it your very all, you gave even when you had nothing left for yourself; and now you are crying yourself to sleep wondering if he loved you if at all. 

I know you need the same reassurance you have been giving him.

You stay wondering if he is leaving. Perhaps he has left already.

And I know you knew that you would be the one who would hurt because even though you said I love you more and he would say it too, I know you always knew you love more than he loves you.


Still, you did not know it would hurt this much. 

But perhaps you can learn to wake up to the sunrise.

Perhaps you can learn waking up to the world especially when the man you love doesn’t cherish waking up next to you every single morning. 

Don’t worry, I have learned to wake up to the sunrise too. 


I have learned that even after him, you being a woman, there is still so much life in you.  


With Gratitude, 

Nessa xx 

ps. if you would like guidance in mending your broken heart, please contact one of our Relationship or Feminine Empowerment coaches. Or join our Manifesting Queens Society and surround yourself with power, love, and forgiveness. 

Vanessa Renaud

Certified Relationship Coach

Relationship coach whom decided to optimize her focus on inner healing and relationships believing relational work is done collectively and individually. Published author of "30 Days Of Healing" and founder of nessyology; a deep rooted online platform her readers can all connect on a deeper level while raising relational standards for themselves.

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