Live Life Today Like Tomorrow May Never Come

Today is Always Here

Live Today



Tomorrow is a word that can hold us in a stagnant place. We hold tight to tomorrow.


Tomorrow I will:

  • start that new diet. 
  • start going to the gym. 
  • work on that research paper. 
  • start that new venture.
  • Insert your task here.

Now stop and think. Why not do it today? Why can’t it happen today? What’s stopping You? We put our confidence in tomorrow becoming today so much so that we don’t live and we take tomorrow for granted. We rely so heavily on tomorrow.

A few years ago I was waiting for life to happen or not happen. I did not know what I wanted. All I knew was that I was tired of the world and felt I had no place that I belonged to. Being overwhelmed with the world around me made it hard to see past a few minutes let alone hours, days, or weeks. There was no plan to be made and no plan in place. Believe it or not, at that moment I was okay with not having a plan for my future. I had retreated inside myself and was held up inside my own mind and content with the results. Anything was better than waking up and spending another tomorrow out in a world where I did not belong.

Change Can Happen Today

Have you ever felt the frustrations of not being able to be better for you because someone else had you feeling like tomorrow was your fail-safe?

“Today we stepped all over your Dreams but tomorrow is your chance to try again.”

I was so tired of having to depend on myself and implying (telling myself) every day that my life would restart tomorrow, that I reached deep and had to realize my potential again. Knowing what I had to share with the world was well worth getting back up, so I put one foot forward. Sometimes all it takes is that one step.

It gets hard when you are unsure of where to go and it’s definitely hard when you feel no one supports you. At that moment you have to find your ground so that you are able to start your foundation in order to support yourself. If your foundation is strong nothing can move you. If by chance a brick falls you can pick up that piece and build it up stronger. Strength can be found in the confidence that is built by taking action. Even if there are only minimal results. There is still forward movement. The more you move the more confidence is built. Confidence combats fear.

Live in the Now

When you begin to become fearless in the way that you live your life some of those tomorrows become today. Your mindset takes a shift, and you persist until you succeed. You count on yourself to build a future where you can leave a legacy. You find that living life has importance. I took action the moment I realized that time was passing me by and I knew it wasn’t coming back. I reevaluated what I wanted and I started living in my todays. Tomorrow did not exist. I would wake up and consult with myself on what could be done today.

Live Today

Do you have dreams? What’s holding you back? The bigger question is are you standing in your own way? The unfortunate answer is most likely, yes. Then the next question becomes why not get out of your own way? You deserve to actually Live in Your Dream, be Happy and no one can stop you but you.

Whatever you want to do is possible and yes life does get hard but that should not stop us. If life pushes, we have to push back and push harder. Wrenches are thrown every day, big and small and yes it can be discouraging. But, we have to say I’m going to take these mishaps and I’m going to turn them into something positive. I’m going to figure it out, not just give up. I’m going to win.

I am going to have a winner’s mindset and take the first steps I need in becoming the best me I can. Today is the only day that matters and I will live like tomorrow doesn’t exist. Today is your day to take charge.

Find your purpose and walk in it. Don’t just exist. It’s time to live.


M. A. Forensic Psychology

The Confidence Architect. Guiding women in identifying and overcoming their fears so they can be who they truly are and live in their dream NOW. Why? Because just a few short years ago she was where you are. She was pleasing everyone but herself, taking care of others before she took care of her, living in someone else’s expectations, and putting her dreams on the back burner. For a while, it felt okay, and then it started to feel fraudulent. She wanted to return to her authentic self. That’s exactly what she did. She stopped caring what people thought, how they perceived her, and what they wanted for her. She started caring about how she saw herself and what she wanted to do. She stopped limiting herself, crushed her inhibitions and decided to be Unapologetically Me. She was the only thing holding her back. She is here to help you start your path to achieving that same freedom. There will be love, motivation, encouragement, and confirmation that you do not need anyone else’s permission to Be Who You Truly Are.

  1. I THANK YOU so much for your inspiration and empowerment. As a new entrepreneur, this blog motivated me to take advantage of my time. Re prioritise my purpose and passion to achieve my long-term goals.

    1. Thank you Kelli,
      For taking the time out to read it. I’m so happy that it resonated with you and I wish you success on achieving your goals.

  2. Awesome encouragement for those of us still stuck in our tomorrow’s, whether it’s due to past hurts, current situations or future fears. So elegantly put. Tomorrow isn’t promised anyway. Regrouping!!! Thank you.