Make us run.

Who is more likely to win a marathon: A mum nicknamed ’the fat one that can run’ or an Olympic rugby referee? Me, me, me or Rasta?

Why would I never dare to challenge anyone less than Rasta Rasivhenge to compete with her in a marathon? Because I love the competition!  Especially if it’s to support Rugby Tackling Life.

Life is full of challenges. Without them life is boring and I would never ever leave my comfort zone.

We are not just running any maratahon but the Uganda Marathon ; an adventure like no other. 42 kms in the beautiful and hilly surroundings of Masaka. The marathon takes place on 30 May 2020 which happens to be my 38th birthday, too.

Who will raise more funds for Rugby Tackling Life?

1. Chose a side. Anne or Rasta?

2. Make a donation accordingly. Or chose us both.

3. Follow us on Instagram, send us food tips, running music recommendations or even join us and run with us the Uganda Marathon.

The funds donated are used to continue the work of the Ugandan nonprofit organization Rugby Tackling Life which, you know all, I am a founding member of. A share will also go to the Uganda Marathon to continue their fabulous work.

Rugby Tackling Life uses Rugby as its tool to empower young girls and women in Uganda; playing Rugby, coaching, life skills education, pad making, school fees. To give you an idea what we are doing with the funds:

– 10 USD buy 3 second-hand sports bras

– 20 USD buy 10 packets of reusable sanitary pads

– 50 USD buy Rugby equipment for a community

– 100 USD buy a term of school fees for one girl!

Some more facts about the us runners:

Anne: 37. – Annekatrin Els. My birthday is on marathon day (if that isn’t a good omen) German by birth, Ugandan by heart. Terrible Rugby player. COOFFEEE lover. Mum.

Rasta: 34. – Fhatuwani ‘Rasta’ Rasivhenge is a South African rugby union referee who is a member of the South African Rugby Union Premier Panel. He was appointed to referee the final of the rugby sevens tournament at the 2016 Summer Olympics. He is also the founding member of Rainbow Republic; an organization that brings together communities in South Africa to coach Rugby to children. Rainbow Republic

Rasta and I are also very good friends and we believe in each other’s work and stand in for each other unless there is a challenge going on.

Let the fun start.

Thank you very very much for making us run to support Rugby Tackling Life!

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