Masculine or Feminine Energy?

Are you going through your life and your business with masculine energy or feminine energy?

In case you’re not sure, take a look at the questions below and keep track if you have more A or more B answers:

* When getting ready for the day, do you –

A) put on clothes that you have to, follow a dress code, look a certain way because you have to?
B) put on clothes that you’re comfortable in, make you feel sexy, enhance your figure?

* During your morning ritual, do you –

A) follow it in the exact order every day, rush around to get ready, plan out your day down to the minute?
B) check in with yourself, your emotions and your feelings, take your time, and see what you feel like planning for the day?

* When going through your tasks for the day, do you –

A) keep a to-do list and diligently stay on task, pushing yourself to finish, not wanting to lose focus or get off schedule?
B) feel intuitively what tasks should get done today and feel out what can wait until later?

* When communicating, do you –

A) just want the overall details, get straight to the point with no specifics, and talk little about feelings/emotions?
B) want to talk about your feelings/emotions as well as the other feelings/emotions, and care about sharing as much as you do listening?

* When you eat your meals, do you –

A) eat while multitasking, perhaps on your phone, or forget to eat because you’re too focused on other tasks?
B) focus purely on chewing mindfully, not doing any other tasks, appreciating your food and noticing whenever you’re full or hungry?

* When you exercise, do you –

A) select your workout based on your fitness goals/current workout routine?
B) choose your workout based on how you feel/how much energy you have that day/where you are in your cycle?

* When going to bed, do you –

A) get everything organized for the night and everything ready for the next day?
B) take the time to relax by going to bed early, taking a bath, or reading?


So, which do you have more of? A’s or B’s?

As you’ve probably guessed, A’s are masculine energy and B’s are feminine energy.

Many women who go through these questions often suddenly realize that they’re living far more in their masculine and didn’t even know it. If that’s you, it’s okay, don’t blame yourself!

We are living in such a masculine, patriarchal, world, that most of us just grow up learning that we must go, go, go in order to gain success.

Luckily this masculine mentality is shifting with feminism on the rise, and more and more people are becoming advocates for feminine energy, (such as myself). We, advocates, are putting ourselves out into the world in order to help guide other women to step into their feminine power, to own their sensuality, and ultimately help shift the outlook and energy of the world! Which is truly an incredible thing – empowering women. <3

Whatever your result of these questions, don’t worry. The overall goal isn’t to live in just the masculine, or just the feminine anyways, but instead the goal is to have a unique balance of both energies because both energies are powerful and important, simply depending on the situation we’re in.

Masculine energy is needed to hold the intention and focus, while feminine energy is needed to flow flexibly and freely.

If you’re wondering how to achieve the balance of these energies, you’re already on your way there! The best way to start getting your energies into balance is to first start tuning into where your energies currently lie and what energies you’re using throughout the day. Once you’ve noticed that, you can start to shift the energies wherever you can.

By learning to recognize what energy you’re living in, you can then learn to step more into your feminine and/or masculine energy. This skill will help to decrease your stress and increase your overall power as a woman.

You will then gain so much more flow, abundance, and joy in your overall life with the balance of the two. <3

Here are some questions that you might want to reflect on or journal about:

– What energy is currently present throughout most of my day(s)?
– If I lived more in my feminine or masculine energy (whichever one is unbalanced), what would it look like?
– When I’m in my feminine what improves/is effective?
– What improves/is effective when I’m in my masculine?
– How might my life alter if I shifted the ways the feminine or masculine shows up in my life?

Of course, it might not be exactly easy to alter which energy state you’re in, especially when you’re in a corporate job. But I promise you that there are still ways around this. If you work for yourself, on your days off, or even when you get home after work, try shifting at least one part of your day to be in the unbalanced energy.

For example, try switching it up. If you’re living more in your masculine and you usually make a to-do list the night before you go to bed, or in the morning when you wake up, instead just go with the flow. Or if you’re living more in your feminine and you don’t make to-do lists, often procrastinating, try making a to-do list.

Just see what happens. Be flexible and open to trying new things, and try not to judge the outcome. Instead, simply observe what changes in your life depending on which energy you are in. 

So start now. Become more aware of what energy you are in. See how you can shift things throughout your day to live in alignment with both your feminine and masculine energy.

Living in balanced energy means overall more alignment, happiness, and success for you! 

Sending you sooo much love!  xxx

Brooke Boesl

Brooke Boesl is a holistic feminine empowerment guide. She uses her background in psychology and nutrition to help women live their happiest and healthiest lives, focusing on the mind, body, and soul. She is passionate about topics such as plant-based wellness, feminine power, sensuality, spirituality, metaphysical healing tools, and overall self-improvement and self-love. Brooke uses a combination of these topics, along with holistic practices, to educate and guide women to step into their magical feminine essence, becoming the light of their own life!

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  1. Great article! This article made me realize that I need to tap into my feminine energy a little bit more. Thanks for the reminder!