Jihan Shogen, Life Coach

Instagram: @strongwomenarebeautiful

Jihan is an Energy Leadership and Life Mastery Professional Certified Life Coach. She works with women (and men!) looking to discover their true “who” and start living the lives of their dreams. Jihan is also a beauty coach and is passionate about helping women realize their beauty and brilliance in all areas of their lives. She’s a mommy, an entrepreneur (a mompreneur!), a life/business coach, a network marketer, a writer, and a lover of life! She loves living a life where she can truly uplift, empower, and validate others.





Amber Tobias-Harris

Email: empowerment@ambertobiasharris.com
Facebook: @empowerment.ambertobiasharris
Instagram: @ambertobiasharris

Amber Tobias-Harris is an Empowerment Expert with two little girls and a wife. She is a caring person, you know the mothering type, and she is known for her intense passion, loyalty, and sense of humor.

Her mission is to call upon other Goddess to live within their highest power and see their body as a sacred temple. So, they can embrace their true feelings, reclaim their self-worth, and improve their confidence through sexuality themed workshops, public speaking, and the Goddess Bliss Box.

Amber Tobias-Harris




Sheryl Chapman

Email: sherylchapmanblog@gmail.com
Instagram:  @sherylchapman_
Twitter: @sherylchapman
Facebook: @sherylchapman.germany


Sheryl Chapman is a  Business Strategist and she helps empower women in various stages of their lives that are seeking professional and personal growth through venues that provide motivation, awareness and mentoring.

She loves teaching women to find fulfillment in the work they do; achieve financial retirement goals; maximize social security, and develop a digital presence for professional success.

In terms of business acumen, She is a Specialist in Human Resources (HR) who has spent 29+ years offering guidance to federal agency communities in Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Turkey, Bahrain, Afghanistan, and the U.S., including Hawaii, solving human resource issues.






Kristi M Freeman

Instagram Influencer Coach

Email: kristi@kristimfreeman.com
Website: www.kristimfreeman.com
Instagram: @kristimfreeman

Kristi is an Atlanta native transplanted to Cincinnati, OH where she runs a successful social media consulting agency.  Kristi has been an Executive Vice President for Crowned For Success since 2017.  She and her husband also run several other businesses together and are active in their local community.  She is a Certified Social Media Manager and well versed in all things tech with a Bachelor’s in Information Technology.  Her company focuses on training Influencers to professionally promote the brands they represent.  Brands contact Kristi to find Influencers for products and promotions. Kristi is full of energy, sass, and believes every woman has a duty to stand with other women regardless of race, color, or political affiliation.  She’s brutally honest and never sugarcoats but chooses her words wisely and respectfully.
Her motto is “You are your only limit”!





Angelica Navarra

Email: Angelica.amo03@icloud.com
Instagram: @styledbyangelicam
Instagram: @amordaz

Angelica is a single mom and badass hairstylist/Makeup Artist in San Diego, CA. Angelica is best described as having the perfect balance of masculinity and femininity, like whiskey in a teacup or an iron fist in a velvet glove. Growing up with four sisters it took Angelica a while to find her passion, her confidence, and her life’s mission. As a former military police officer in the U.S Navy Angelica learned discipline, confidence, leadership and how to kick ass but still, she struggled with depression. After the birth of her daughter, she found a happiness she never knew existed but somehow something was still missing. With the loving push from her mom, Angelica discovered her love of making women feel confident and beautiful. She has a passion for transforming lives. Angelica has a dream of one day opening up a one-stop shop for all things lifestyle (Beauty, Fashion, Culture, and Home design).

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Joy Garcia

Website address ~ http://thejoyfulcompany.co.za/
Follow me on Instagram ~ @the.joyful.company
See what I’ve pinned on Pinterest ~ @thejoyfulcompanyl
Follow me on Twitter ~ @joytness
Connect with me on LinkedIn ~ @thejoyfulcompany
Watch me on YouTube ~ https://www.youtube.com/c/OrganizedJoy


Joy considers herself a powerful woman who absolutely thrives on empowering women to be the best versions of their business-selves in their careers.

She believes that the women around the world have so much to offer, especially in very strong and serious leadership roles in business. And yet she sees more often than not they doubt themselves and their abilities. She sees that beautiful vision of what they truly want to be and know they should be. As watches them as they self-sabotage.

She knows that feeling all too well, that impatience that tries all day to burst out of you and go for it. But at the same time, the self-doubt creeps in, and the inner voice begins its conflict with your dreams. She wants to help women like you in the world to make their dreams a reality. Because she believes in it, from the very core of her being.

Would you like her to help you?






Jennifer Jeanine

Focused, resilient and energetic, Jennifer Jeanine is a beauty professional and certified Style & Life Coach. Jennifer uses beauty, fashion, and self-care to create a holistic approach to self-help. She believes in the power of women’s voices and their innate ability to profit from their life lessons.





Cori Lyn

Email: Cori.jurin@gmail.com

Cori Lyn is a coach, trainer, speaker, and mom. She is a digital entrepreneur who is obsessed with helping women get unstuck and live life with purpose. Her background includes holistic health, personal growth, and even a decade of corporate success in the mortgage lending world. And she has been professionally certified by John C. Maxwell and Crowned for Success. Cori enjoys working with women individually or in groups, creating lasting transformations that all begin with that big ah-ha moment. Her passions include classic rock vinyl, homeschooling my kiddos, enormous rings, herbal remedies, nature freak and making cool sh*t.





Anita Singh

Email: anita.n.singh@hotmail.com

Anita Singan is an executive assistant for IDC Worldsource Insurance Network, working with multiple brokers to ensure clients financial needs are met. Born in Mississauga, about 30 minutes from Toronto Anita studied Business Administration and Project Management. She has worked in the banking, insurance, retail, and accounting industry and bring over 10+ years of experience. Throughout her career, she has developed specialized skills in negotiation and networking. One skill that she has now pursued on a part-time basis is Event and Wedding planning. In her spare time, she is traveling, journaling and chasing a new adventure.





Dr. Stephanie Wick

Email: Stephaniew@andrewsinc.net

Dr. Stephanie Wick, who is a long-time resident of the Manhattan, Kansas area owns and operates a group psychotherapy practice focusing on the treatment of mental health, relationship and life transition issues (www.andrewsinc.net). She received her Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Marriage and Family Therapy in 2005 and 2010, respectively. She is a Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist (LCMFT) and a Licensed Clinical Addictions Counselor (LCAC) in Kansas.

Prior to her current role as a business owner, she worked with active duty men and women at Fort Riley Kansas for six years. She also coordinated a ministry for girls called Project: Self-Esteem (www.psebeauty.com) which focused on encouraging girls with positive messages about who they are. After almost 15 years and thousands of clients, as well as her own personal struggles, Stephanie has developed a deep passion for helping others live with intention, passion, purpose, and authenticity.

Her faith has been instrumental in understanding and helping others experience the freedom found in living with more faith than fear.





Melinda Irby

Email: Melinda@prettypleaseonboard.com
website: Pretty Please on Board

Melinda Irby is a native of Pittsylvania County who launched Pretty Please on Broad, a New Orleans-inspired Ladies Boutique. She opened her doors in the historic downtown area of Altavista, VA, in August 2016. And she has recently added monogramming and embroidery services to her trendy clothing, gifts, and accessory product offerings.

“Fashion is my passion,” says Irby, who left her corporate job in February of 2017 to run Pretty Please on Broad full time.

“My favorite thing is absolutely my customers; I love being a part of their lives, listening to their stories and watching both them and their kids grow. If I had to shut it all down tomorrow, I have no regrets and have had the most fun getting to know and serving the people in my community.”

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TaCreacia Blunt

Email: Tacreacia.blunt@gmail.com

For over 15 years, TaCreacia Blunt has been helping corporations and individuals excel. She is an accomplished administrator, and marketer. Plus, she became the most sought-after event planner, because of her ability to help organizations and individuals reach higher levels of success. TaCreacia is an effective life & spiritual coach, upcoming author and entrepreneur. Her upcoming book, Business Woman, Mother and a Life of Pain, is a motivational work that offers new hope to women in abusive relationships.

TaCreacia travels to different cities within the country to motivate women and teens to excel both personally and professionally. She is the founder of Closing the Revolving Door, which is a 4 week self-esteem building program for both men and women to end the life of being a revolving door to others.





Cecily Maraya

Email: cm.dowdell24@gmaiy Ml.com

Ceceily Maraya Dowdell is a professional personal stylist from south Mississippi, currently living in Jacksonville, FL. However, Ceceily is not only a personal stylist, but she is also a wife, mom, and an active duty sailor.

Just like any girl growing up in a small town she always had BIG CITY dreams of becoming a fashion stylist. And she turned that young girls’ obsession with pretty clothes and passion for fashion into a way of life. This lead to her producing and styling fashion shows, working as a personal shopper, freelancing as a fashion stylist, and of course answered every friend or family members’ call of “what should I wear”? In addition to over 10 years of retail experience with brands such as BCBGMAXAZRIA, Guess, Forever 21, and GAP, she has dedicated her life to making sure women feel comfortable in their skin by educating them on individual style. Unlike most stylist, she isn’t here to push her own style goals on you.

Ceceily intends only to help you reach your highest level of confidence through personal styling. She wants to help you feel your absolute best from the inside out.





Kristen Bagwell

Email: Kristenrbagwell@gmail.com

Kristen Bagwell is a recovering corporate professional, with 20 years of experience in leading, coaching, and empowering women in business. Kristen loves to listen, understand where you are, and help you rediscover the dreams you’ve been neglecting or have set aside.

“You are the only you that will ever exist in this time and place, and whether you know it or not, the world needs your particular light.”

Kristen will help you remove/rewrite your self-limiting beliefs so you can shine your light and rise to your purpose.

Kristen Bagwell headshot2018




Madison Abernathy

Email: madisonabernathy@gmail.com

Madison and the rest of The Gamma Collective team are your strategic masterminds and your digital design gurus. They help aspiring female leaders, like you, launch and scale businesses from square one.

Madison is the Queen of End to End Customer Experience. Her reigning over her queendom is mindset, sales, and strategy. The decade of success in end-to-end customer experience while her background in sales, team management, and training comes from her diverse roles at Massage Envy, US Bank, and The Ecclesie Collective. Madison’s superpower is her ability to use Agility to scale the efficiency and sales of business through relationship marketing and automation. Her specialties in life and business strategies best serve movement makers and aspiring female leaders who look to balance their business and personal lives.





Tate Makayi

Email: tmakayi1@gmail.com

Tate Makayi is a self-driven, self-motivated Queen that believes that if she can dream it, she can be it. Tate loves to travel solo and explore new places and cultures. Her love for adventure has led her to many trips down the road less traveled in places like the Philippines and Indonesia. She is a warm-hearted and caring person that believes that there is good in everyone no matter how broken they may be. Taking ownership of her life and using her life experiences have led Tate to work towards empowering women all over the world as a graduate of the Crowned for Success RVP Program.





Shameika Marshall EL

Instagram: @shameikah –  Goddess Shameikah Bitcoin El 

Shameika has consulted people in their business ventures and projects for over 15 years. She specializes in innovative ideas in infrastructure when it comes to building businesses. Shameika’s experience has been working with cross-cultural diverse communities within the Non-Profit Sector.

Shameika also establishes key partnerships utilizing an asset-based approach when it comes to business. She currently teaches Financial Literacy and coaches on money magnetism by teaching people how to build a relationship with money by discovering their money vortex. Her passion is to Empower women to have a balance of focusing on their financial health just as they focus on learning how to do their makeup.





Frances Claire
Women’s Empowerment & Decluttering

Email: fran@francesclaire.com
IG: @empoweredwomendeclutter

Frances helps women to heal and reconnect to themselves through decluttering and consciously creating spaces which are in alignment with their values, goals and dreams. Frances is a certified coach through Crowned for Success. Her work is a mix of decluttering, women’s empowerment, conscious styling and creating spaces to manifest the life you want.

Frances is a mom to two under two, a network marketer, a writer, a Scorpio, a natural healer and a questioner of the status quo. She loves to see women empowered and making choices from their hearts. Her motto is ‘Change your space: change your life!’





Natalie Ruth

Natalie is a certified life coach and recovering people pleaser. She uses her background in fitness, beauty, fashion, and nutrition to help women that are feeling less than fabulous after reaching their forties. She sympathizes with women what have ever looked in the mirror and wondered who in the heck that person was staring back at y her.

“We are crazy-busy women that give our all to everyone else around us. We fill the cups of everyone in our lives – spouse, kids, extended family, work-family – only to realize one day that our own cup is empty. You can’t pour from an empty cup.”

Hang out with Natalie and learn how to fill it back up! She is deeply passionate about serving the souls of the women who come into her life. Her mission is to help you love your life, love yourself more, and find the most fabulous version of YOU ever imaginable.






Dorthy Fobbs

Email: dorothyfobbs@gmail.com
FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/dorothy.fobbs
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/phenom_diva1111/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/damndiva06
Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dorothy-fobbs-71314392/
Pintrest: https://www.pinterest.com/damnshefly04/

Dorothy Inez Fobbs (A.K.A. Phenom D.I.V.A) a 48-year-old African American Queen who hails from “Around The Way” in Decatur Illinois. She notes that she has always been known to have a lot to say. She has always been a go getter with big dreams of being famous in some type of way. Growing up she loved music and dancing. She always thought that she would do some work in the Entertainment Industry. She has a big heart of GOLD. She has always loved helping and being there for others. Even the stray cats weren’t safe from being saved by her as a child.

She has a strong Mental Health with multiple degrees in the Social Services field, and She has served in the field working multiple jobs for about 20 years. She loves to do research and write on the topics that are near and dear to her soul.

Crowned For Sucess Photo




Leena Lemos

Instagram:  @LeenaLemos.
Website: https://Enlightenedhood.com

Leena Lemos is on a mission to empower mindful motherhood through her multi-media platform, Enlightenedhood. After working in media and communications for over 10 years, Leena decided to step into her soul’s calling as an ambassador for women worldwide. She cultivated a movement and created a sacred space that inspires, educates, and celebrates mothers who practice mindfulness and spirituality as non-negotiables for self-empowerment and self-development. Through her writing, podcast, and speaking, Leena supports any woman looking to show up as her best and highest self, step into her authenticity and discover her true potential. Be sure to follow her on Instagram @LeenaLemos.

Leena Lemos Headshot




Angel Jenell
Social Media Manager
Instagram: @goalbloodedbabe
FaceBook: Goalbloodedbabe
Angel Jenell is a Social Media Manager/Strategist who provides IG & FB Management services such as content strategy and creation, facebook ads, community management, and graphic design. She is a ‘goalbloodedbabe’ that’s obsessed with personal development and inspiring women to be the best version of themselves.




Tritia Miller-Edwards

Email: reflectionsofchrist01@gmail.com

Tritia Miller-Edwards was born and reared in Louisiana. She is very

family oriented and her focus centers around being the best daughter
wife, mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, and friend she can be. Tritia is
a faith and spiritual based author and mentor.

She has worked as a nurse in geriatric long-term care for the past 12
years, is a licensed minister, and has a rich history in customer service
and satisfaction. Tritia’s passion is to help young ladies 18-24 and
women ages 25-60 gain a positive self image through scripture guidance
and self reflection.

Tritia knows the value of being broken but not destroyed. As a survivor
of depression, anxiety, and abuse, Tritia wants to help foreground
ladies and women find true holistic healing by learn the value of life
and fighting for your life and dreams.



Christy Laanonh, MSM

IG: @simplychristyllc
Email: simply.christy@hotmail.com

Christy is the solopreneur of Simply Christy Cosmetics of Simply Christy LLC, as well as a proud wife and mother of three. She holds a Master of Science Degree in Management and is a self-validated “gladiator in a suit”! She believes that as long as you are an goal-getter, you can achieve your dreams… and when times get tough, you have two choices – hide in the shadows OR stand in the light.

Christy has overcome many obstacles in her life, each of which have shaped her into the woman she is today. “Like the phoenix rising from the ashes, she has returned from the flames, clothed in nothing but her strength.” As she continues to take on life with fire in her soul, she truly believes that the first step to restoration is self-love, which then paves the way to success in everything we do. Additionally, she believes that women should not have to choose between her family or her career because with ambition and a powerful mindset, we can truly have it all!

Dian Jamaluddin


Dian is a young woman with an old soul as they would call it. Leaving home at a tender age of 17 to explore the world on her own, a journey she took to look for her tribe and most of all to look for her true self and purpose. Fast forward 18 years later, living life by her own rules, she has established herself on her own, to where she is now, creating her own brand, currently writing a book and living her own purpose, extending herself to other women, helping them realize their true potential deep within themselves. She is also now embarking on a new journey where inspiring, uplifting, motivating and supporting other women becomes the main focus of her passion and essential part of her goals. To connect more with Dian and get updates on her upcoming works, be sure to follow her @light_of_a_Candle and @affirmationbombs on instagram!
Diana Neumann
Shaman, Holistic Health & Life Coach


Diana Neumann is a full Pampamesa Ñusta, a shaman personally trained by the Q’eros, descendants of the Incas in Peru, living in the high mountains of the Andes, and carrying their direct medicine line. She has been trained during several years on all kind of different shamanic healings, ceremonies and transmissions of rites. Additionally she received exclusive training by the Q’eros on how they prepare and assist mother and baby before and after birth as well as specific healings for babies and toddlers.  Diana has also received specific training in the treatment of fertility issues. Besides being a Reiki Master & Teacher, Angel Therapy Practitioner certified by Doreen Virtue and Feng Shui For Life Consultant, Diana Neumann is also a holistic healer and life coach and oracle, trained by Drs. Joy and Roy Martina, working with people of all origins and assisting them on their journey to more health, love, joy and success. She especially enjoys helping other women to step back into their power, love themselves unconditionally and out of their rise into the feminine heal and manifest healthy relationships.
She has also a 20-years experience as a High-Level-Personal-Assistant with 5 languages at the European Commission (German, English, French, Spanish and Italian). Today Diana Neumann is continuously working on her goals, striving to learn more, digging deeper and further improve all the services and techniques The Holistic Imprint asbl is providing. Connect to her tribe @diana_thi on Instagram.
Cathy McKinnon
Cathy McKinnon is the founder of Wellness Warrior Coaching, she works with ambitious women to create personalized success rituals to gain more energy, strength, beauty and confidence along their journey to optimal living.  Her signature program “ The Warrior Way” is 90 days of 1:1 coaching to address health, wellness and mindfulness habits to remove limiting beliefs, create habits that fit with your individual lifestyle and goals while reducing stress!  She came to this career through her own transformation and battles with weight loss, cancer, divorce and infertility.  Now she shares her learnings to help other women not fall into the same pitfalls she did and start to show up as their authentic selves.
Denise Hadnott
Denise is an experienced realtor with over 20 years in the Real Estate Game. When asked, Denise will tell you she unequivocally loves what she does! She has a special interest in helping others build wealth. Her ultimate goal is to always create a mutually beneficial environment for those seeking to re-invent their lifestyle by building wealth with real estate. Denise’s love for the industry has lead her to become a published author and a real estate and cashflow coach. Born and raised in Houston, Texas Denise enjoys this life journey with her family and friedns and true inspiration, her son, Nicholas. From residential to commercial or if you’re looking to increase your cashflow by investing in real estate, Denise Hadnott is your ultimate resource!
Stay Strong Beautiful and Enjoy This Ride Called Life ~ Denise Hadnott

Holly McCusker, MS.Ed

Relationship Transformation Coach
Email: hmccusker@verizon.net
Facebook: @Holly Fitzherbert McCusker
Instagram: @greenpink.31
LinkedIn: Holly McCusker

Holly McCusker is a lover of love and life. She spent years seeking external validation like it was a drug, only to find that the only affirmation she really needed was within herself. As a certified IPEC core energy coach, Holly helps individuals identify the seven levels of energy as they move through blocks and consciously choose their actions. She leads them to find the experiences they most want in life. With this methodology, she empowers people to dig deeply, honestly, and objectively into their energy and mental programming in order to assess who they are and who they want to become. Through the power of coaching, Holly has watched her own life transform, and nothing gives her more pleasure than helping others do the same.

In addition to her role as a coach, Holly has a Master’s in Education with over 20 years’ experience in the classroom. Over the last three years, she has transferred her expertise of helping others into the world of Matchmaking. Responsible for three engagements and numerous long-term relationships, people find Holly approachable, empathetic, optimistic, intuitive, and non-judgmental.

Originally from Boston, Holly has been living in Florida for the past sixteen years with her teen daughter and son.


Annekatrin Els 

Email: ruby@cooffeee.com
Instgram: rugby_cooffeee_uganda

Rugby, COOFFEEE and Uganda. That is what my life is about. Together with my girlfriends in Uganda, we run an NGO called Rugby Tackling Life. We chose Rugby as our tool to empower girls in Uganda. We play Rugby with 2000 girls, educate and run life skills education programs. My life is about empowering girls, playing Rugby, travelling and selling COOFFEEE.


Katie Pettigrew

Instagram @foulmouthedwidow

Katie is a writer and advocate for mental health who specializes in women’s empowerment and helping women embrace themselves again after experiencing trauma and loss. Katie holds a BA in English from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a concentration in literacy studies. She worked as a writing tutor and created small group classes through the local library when she was a student. Through her time as a tutor, she presented at several conferences about ways to better engage your learner.

She then moved on to Colorado State University where she interned as an editorial assistant and took several graduate courses in literature, teaching pedagogy, and the power of emotions in all that we do, focusing mainly of the emotion of shame. Katie also enrolled in a course to become a Victim Advocate to those who were survivors of sexual and domestic assault. Katie later made the gamble of moving to North Carolina and soon became a wife (and later) mother of two boys, which led her to unexpectedly become a stay-at-home mom.

While she wasn’t working, she volunteered throughout her community, mainly with schools and organizations that helped women and children. In 2018, her husband was in a fatal accident at work and she was left to raise their two children on their own. She has used her knowledge and skills to navigate the politics that surround death, care for her children as they are going through severe loss and trauma, and seek out help where she needs it for herself as well. Through the loss of her husband and stepping into widow-life, Katie has rediscovered her voice and desire to help women on a more personal level. She has created the blog The Foul-Mouthed Widow, which paints a raw picture of her life while grieving and living. Katie has become a woman people turn to for guidance and an ear to simply listen.

While she has done a lot of research on shame and the power that has following personal traumas, she is now learning first-hand what kind of power grief holds on a person’s day-to-day life. She understands how defeating grief can be and hopes to help people manage their grief in healthier ways. Through all that Katie has learned and endured in life, her passion remains to help others and be the person that doesn’t make others feel small. Katie understands how lonely it can feel while living with trauma and loss, and she has made it her mission to let others know they are not alone. She’s got you. To learn more
about Katie you can follow her blog www.foulmouthedwidow.com and her accompanying facebook page and follow her on Instagram @foulmouthedwidow

katie 1

Tiara Khalid

Email: tiarak@skinbodytingz.com

Facebook: Skinbodytingz
Instagram: skinbodytingz_
Youtube: Skinbodytingz

Tiara is her name, and skincare is her game. Focusing on women’s health, skincare, self-love and empowerment, Tiara is a very driven, ambitious, and passionate Queen trying her best to make a difference in other young emerging boss babes just like her. When she’s not blogging or working as a regional vice president for Crowned for Success, you can find her in a clinical research lab or behind a computer working as research technician for a diabetes prevention study at a top research university. Native to Detroit, Michigan but residing in Phoenix, Arizona, Tiara comes from humble beginnings and truly knows the meaning of adaptation and self-efficacy.  Tiara loves educating women, bringing awareness to the risks harmful ingredients in skincare products, discussing vaginal health topics, and talking about her own personal experiences with ways to motivate others around her. Subscribe to her YouTube channel, and give her a follow on Instagram. You won’t regret it!


Linda Sherony-lsherony@gmail.com

Linda Sherony is a coach and mentor who guides and coaches people to being their best self. Linda LOVES to equip others to build their way to “better” – better health, better mindset, better skin, better eating – better LIFE! An abuse survivor, Linda’s true passion is helping others overcome their own “issues.” In her 25-plus years as an entrepreneur and professor, Linda has coached and mentored people of all ages and stages, from business owners to stay-at-home moms to college students. Linda has an MBA and teaches college business classes (accounting, finance, marketing, management, economics and business communications); has been nominated for and won awards for her teaching, coaching and mentoring skills. Linda owned and operated a quilting and knitting store and previously traveled and taught a quilting technique she invented and wrote a “how-to” book about. Linda is a pet-loving wife, mom and grandmother from Wisconsin who, when she isn’t working with people, loves to quilt, sew, knit and cook.
Linda Sherony[3548]

Ruth Rowland-ruthiebay98@gmail.com

Hello! My name is Ruth Rowland and I am passionate about helping others balance and renew their lives regardless of their current situation, or what they’ve been through. I joined the Air Force so that I’d be able to have a global impact doing humanitarian work. I faced a challenging childhood, but it’s made me who I am today, a warrior. I am extremely empathetic and nothing brings me more joy than to make someone else’s day. I am also strong headed and will combat any difficulties I am faced with.
Ruth R

Denise Williams- denise.marie.84@gmail.com

Growing up, I was always the leader. I was the oldest, so I made sure to have the best grades and be the best example to my sisters that I could be.  I could’ve graduated high school early but a lack of direction kept me there “to be with my friends”.  Being that kind of go-getter landed me in a variety of career choices which eventually led to bartending. And then a different bartending gig.  And then I worked up to a General manager position and that was the proverbial (and actual) ceiling.

I found myself depressed about how my life was going. My high school friends were in relationships, getting promotions, having kids, and buying houses. I was living in my parent’s basement and bartending with nothing to show for it.  Feeling stuck and lost, I finally dove into what my horoscope was actually saying (my Aries Sun says it’s going to be a good day for love?), and that opened the door to my love of astrology, spirituality, and all things personal development.

Hi! I’m Denise and my mission is to help you get unstuck and put you on your path to discover your purpose and uncover your passion.  Let’s manifest your wildest dreams!

Denise W

Noha Yousry- nohayousry@gmail.com

Noha Yousry is a certified emotional therapist and lifestyle prescriptions coach. She helps others pinpoint, uncover & heal the mental and emotional roots of their physical pain or emotional problem. She guides them to transform their current turbulent emotional state into a truly calm and content state instead, in turn facilitating their bodies’ natural self-healing mechanisms.

Menka Prasad- Menka@telus.net

Menka Prasad was born and raised in Burnaby, BC and is a first generation Canadian. Menka has been a feisty and outgoing girl ever since she was a kid. Her love for sports started when she was in elementary school and from then on, she has competed in more than 7 sports. Born into a big family, Menka learned many morals, and values all the time she has with the ones she loves. She has always held kids especially close to heart because of her little cousins. That love for kids inspired her to raise money and bring books, toys, pencils and other educational items to Fiji after she won the title Miss Fiji Canada 2016. Menka continues to visit the kids at the orphanage whenever she is in Fiji. She strives to empower youth and women and hopes to make an impact on the world. As a well rounded and strong, diverse young woman, she continues to change the world one act of kindness at a time. Menka believes the opportunity of winning Miss World Canada is not only a platform and title but its also being given the power to shape and influence minds in a positive way.

Lashonda Hollins, LCSW

Motivational Speaker
Founder of L.Hollins S.P.E.A.K.S
Facebook: @LhollinsSpeaks
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Lashonda Hollins is a 33 year old Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She is a born and raised extroverted Mississippi girl currently living in San Antonio, Texas. Lashonda has successfully worked as a Mental Health Therapist and Case Manager for the last 8 years serving families and Veterans. Throughout her career she has provided Individual Therapy, Group Therapy, as well as Family Therapy. Outside of work she loves traveling the world and spending time with her husband and high school sweetheart whom she’s spent that last 16 years of her life growing with. Lashonda is the founder of L.Hollins S.P.E.A.K.S and is an avid supporter of Women’s Health and Self-Care. She has spent the last year of her life working towards building her career as a professional and motivational speaker encouraging and empowering women to be more informed, more aware, and more active when it comes to their own physical and psychological health. Lashonda was motivated to become blogger and a speaker based on her own health issues which includes Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), infertility, fibroids, depression, and anxiety. Her goal is to use her platform to be there for other women providing education, support, and encouragement. Lashonda wants women to know they are not alone.

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Athena Cochrane

Athena Cochrane is an inspiring mentoring helping ladies find their purpose utilizing personal growth. She is a military wife and a daughter who loves adventures. She has lived in California, Tennessee, and Florida. Her energetic energy is contagious and she has a heart of gold. She is the owner of RelianceLegacy.com which is her blog all about helping ladies align, grow and elevate to finding their true self.

Brittinie Wick

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Brittinie Wick is a Health and Fitness Coach that empowers women through fitness and nutrition by helping women gain their confidence back, improve their overall quality of life, and promote self-care. As an Air Force veteran, a mother, and a wife, she understands how hectic life can be and helps fellow Queens find a way to make health and fitness a LIFESTYLE. 


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