Speak Life Over Your Business

Speak life over your business, speak love over your life.

What are you speaking over your life and business? Are they kind words to bring success and prosperity? Or are they harmful words of doubt, lack, and fear?

If you’re speaking anything other than positivity, it’s time to replace those thoughts and words by speaking prosperity, dreams, and success over your business with daily affirmations.

Affirmations are the process by which you declare something to be true. For this to work, you must believe in what you’re saying and believe you deserve it.

It may take time to train your mind to eliminate all those limiting beliefs and replace them with empowering ones, but you can do it. For every negative thought, think two positives.

Below are 3 affirmations that should be included in your daily routine.

#1- I am capable of running a successful business.

The key is to have faith and trust in your abilities to succeed as a CEO. The answers will come if you’re just starting. Remember there’s a learning curve, we don’t start knowing everything. You won’t know everything and you probably never will. And that’s fine. You’ll find resources to help you along the way and get the answers as you need. It just takes time, be patient with you, you’re doing your best.

#2- I speak abundance over my finances and how I manage it. 

It’s time to stop speaking lack over your business. Stop focusing on what your customers won’t pay for or have enough money for. Your customers will pay for your products and services at your prices because you provide the solution they need. And you’ve shown them that you’re who they can trust to give it to them for the right price. No more worries, and if it doesn’t feel right, change it, it’s your business.

#3- I am grateful for my business, customers, and the money generated from it. 

Consistent gratitude attracts consistent blessings. Your business allows you to be able to afford a lifestyle with financial rewards, be grateful for that. Even if your business isn’t where you want it to be now, it will be soon. Be grateful for the ability and creativity to provide excellent products and services that your customers are eager to pay for and that they believe in.

So take some time to create your business affirmations. To create one: Focus on the way you want your future business to be, envision it, speak it in the present tense, write it down, but most importantly say it like you mean it, and believe it to be true. When you speak your dreams, goals, and visions you’ll feel empowered that they aren’t just wishful words anymore but your reality.

This is my affirmation: I am grateful as the CEO of an extremely profitable company creating and providing excellent products and services that my clients are more than willing to pay for and recommend to others.

Comment below with your business affirmation. I’d love to know what they are.

Takisha Artis

Financial Influencer

Hey...I'm Takisha, I use my experience as a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Financial Education Instructor, and Certified Life Coach to incite women entrepreneurs to utilize their business to achieve their financial goals & fund their desired lifestyle by creating financial plans, systems, and strategies. Be sure to check out my website www.TakishasTheory.com.

  1. I love this post. It really spoke volumes to me and the way I think. I need to think more positive thoughts do positivity can come back to me. Very well written

  2. Thank you sooo much for this, I needed it! My new business affirmation is: I am grateful and excited for the opportunity to have created a business where I can use my personal experience with emotional injuries to offer emotional wellness to others.

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