Hun, you do not have trust issues

If you ask me it seems like our generation forgot about the sweetness of love. They either do not realize what they have or on the other hand, are left there hoping that that special person would have realized what they had before getting their heart broken. Either way, I think it’s safe to say that a lot of us tend to move on quicker these days.

What happens when you move on quicker to the next best thing or next quick thing? You do not permit yourself to heal. You go into a new relationship saying you have trust issues. Stop that. Stop using that as an excuse. If I may be honest and unapologetically blunt: saying you have trust issues is wack AF!

(Confession: I use to say it too!!)

It took me a while to understand this: we do not have trust issues. No one has trust issues. Why? Because people trust every single day.

Think about it, even if it’s only for two seconds…

You go to sleep trusting you will wake up the next morning. Cross the road trusting that the driver in front of the red light will follow the law and will not run you over. Go to work trusting you will get paid when you should and for how much you should. You give money to the cashier trusting she will give you your groceries or take out order after you paid for it. As you can see these are all simple things that we all do daily which requires trust without us even knowing. Therefore, point proven: honey, I hate to break it to you but…you DO NOT have trust issues.

So what is the issue?
A lot of times the issue is you did not allow yourself to heal and many of us lack a relationship with self. Truth is only when you learn to prioritize your relationship with yourself will you learn to have wayyyyyy fewer issues in a relationship with someone else.

Trust yourself.

Trust the process.

With Love and Gratitude,

Vanessa Renaud

Vanessa Renaud

Certified Relationship Coach

Relationship coach whom decided to optimize her focus on inner healing and relationships believing relational work is done collectively and individually. Published author of "30 Days Of Healing" and founder of nessyology; a deep rooted online platform her readers can all connect on a deeper level while raising relational standards for themselves.

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