Hello 2020 and goodbye 2019!!!

Hello, 2020! I just wanted to welcome you and all the abundance you have in store. And I just wanted to take the time to acknowledge 2019 and all of the amazing things it’s given to our Queens…

We’ve added over 100 new Queens to our Regional Vice Presidency.  And if your curious about the program, check it out HERE. Some of the Queens have also written about their experience of the program:

Amber Tobias-Harris, EVP –  Becoming a Regional Vice President for Crowned for Success
Frances Claire, RVP – Saying YES to Becoming a Crowned for Success RVP


We started Monthly Meet-ups all over the world

Our first meet up was in Los Angeles, California! We’ve met up in Cincinnati, Ohio, and then headed over to Auckland, New Zealand. Meetup in Miami with Wendy PorterWe’re starting the year with a meet up in Miami and then moving to Collingswood New Jersey. And there are more to come in 2020!

Opened a boutique

What? What!?! Yep, that’s right; we have amazing BossLadies gear that #Fearless AF  click HERE to shop now!

Relaunched our podcast and launched our Youtube channel
and we’ve shared so many blogs with content that we hope you find helpful! Oh and our Pinterest is Poppin!


We Reached 1 Million Followers on our @bossladiesmindset Instagram.

Wendy PorterJihan ShogenJeanna WilliamsFrances Claire

But most of all, we’ve continued to empower women to reach their highest potential in business and mindset mastery. 2019 has been a year filled with a lot of heartache for a lot of Queens, but they’ve pushed through and learned to live with their new normal, and taken what they’ve learned and shared it with other Queens to help support them. And I know the tears from 2019 will be the abundant growth of 2020.

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