3 Steps to Stop Feeling Unproductive

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It’s totally normal to feel like you’re not getting much done the first few weeks of the year.  You’re coming off the high of the holidays, parties, cheer, and anxiety of family gatherings.

But guess what.  It’s April now and you’re starting to feel it again.  You’re not the only one.

Regardless of whether you work for yourself or in a company, there are people you deal with on a daily basis who are feeling the same as you are.

The important thing is to figure out what’s causing it and move past it.

Feeling unproductive can come from not receiving feedback for the work you’re doing.

  • You may not be seeing how your efforts affect the overall business of the organization.

  • Maybe you feel unappreciated in your day-to-day.

  • Perhaps you’re simply feeling like you don’t know where to start.

Here’s a little activity I like to use to jumpstart myself when I feel unproductive.  Self-motivation as an entrepreneur can be difficult sometimes and that’s okay.  We can’t always be “ON”.

Step 1.

Look at your audience or customers and consider who you can help the most. Don’t focus on who you can help the fastest; this may still leave you feeling like you’re not making a positive impact.

Make a list of people who have problems and you already have a solution that could positively impact their business or their life.

Step 2.

Once you’ve determined who, you can plan how to help them. What content or task can you offer to help?

Is there a favor they’ve asked for in the past that you weren’t able to provide?

Is there a product that would really make them happy?

The goal is to be able to provide them value in a way that will not cause you added anxiety or stress.  Remember, you want to make a positive impact on their life or business without spending a great deal of money.

Perhaps there’s some information that you can take from a training course that you learned. Send it to them and show what your personal learning was to help them with an issue or difficulty they’re experiencing.

Step 3.

What will determine your success? Define what will determine your success in “what” you’ve done for your “who”.

Measuring your success properly will give you a feeling of satisfaction that will provide you the motivation to start moving forward.  You not only brought joy to someone’s life, but you more than likely have a great teaching story for your blog, Instagram posts, and possibly a new product or service.

Doing this activity when you’re feeling unproductive can positively impact your overall business goals and strategy. It should leave you feeling productive and fulfilled. Not to mention the added value you’ve brought to your “who”.

Kristi Freeman

Vice President of Sales

Kristi is an Atlanta native transplanted to Cincinnati, OH where she runs a successful social media consulting agency. Kristi is currently the Vice President of Sales for Crowned For Success and Boss Ladies Mindset. She has been an Executive Vice President for Crowned For Success since 2017. Kristi is a Certified Social Media Manager and well versed in all things tech with a Bachelor’s in Information Technology. She focuses on sales training and coaching.

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