Queen of the Week (05 January 2020)

Amanda Robinson

Happy New Year, Queens! This year we want to start out right by highlighting our RVP Queen Amanda Robinson.  She introduced herself to the Queendom during our 12 days of Manifesting, click HERE to see her fantastic video. Our Queens bust their butts working hard to inspire, coach, and guide you. Crowned for Success is all about empowering women to meet their highest potential… Well, we want to take a second and honor the Queens in this Queendom for doing just that.

So, here is a little interview we did with Amanda to get to know her better.

Tell the Queens a little bit about you, who you are, what you do, and somethings you enjoy personally?

Amanda @PaidandPrettyChicHey Amber,
Whew honeyyy, where do I begin?
My name is Amanda Robinson you can find me on social media @PaidandPrettyChic
I’m a brand ambassador/influencer strategist. I teach women how to monetize their influence using social media.
I use to be the girl who felt like she wasn’t good enough, smart enough, pretty enough to accomplish anything. Once I woke TF up and realized my worth & everything I deserve, things changed. It’s my passion & purpose to motivate women & help them see that they deserve the freaking best out of life.
So now I’m creating one of the largest women’s movements in my company and helping women transform their minds, bodies & bank accounts as brand ambassadors in one of the top companies in the USA!
It’s my passion to have every single boss babe I interact with, to feel like their a badass boss chick who can accomplish all their desires.

What is your biggest piece of advice for Queens on their journey?

My biggest advice is, everything you might be experiencing right now is temporary, and everything you desire to do, be, or have is always within reach. All you have to do is believe you’re worthy of having it, believing you can accomplish it, and believe you can do it… so go after it!! It’s already yours babe!
Amanda ✨??
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