So You Wanna Be A Boss Hun

Let me be the first to tell you. Being a Boss and wearing the crown is nothing about barking out orders and chopping off heads. Well sure, you can be the mad queen on a really bad day, but that is not the type of Queen you want to be.

#Girl Boss

The role of the Queen is actually all about being a role model for others. Using your influence to do good in the world. Motivating and empowering those that look up to you, to shine brightly.

Being a Boss is about being responsible for those that you are leading; making sure they are well taken care of, providing great value and being an asset in the lives of others.

Being a Boss all starts off with honoring your values and then fully showing up and being an example of them.

So here is to being the Boss of your biz and wearing that crown, and your head held high; not out of arrogance, but so others can see a great example of what a true Queen looks like.

Make Your Mark, Leave A Legacy!



A'isha LaDon

Instructional Designer

Peace & Blessings beloved. I am Aisha LaDon. I am an Instructional Designer with a background in Brand Design, Graphic Design, Desktop Publishing, Web Design, Instructional Design, UI/UX. I am a bookworm and lover of all things creative and spiritual. Below you will find the articles that I have written here with the team at Crowned For Success. I pray that you find benefit in what we share. I love working with creative, spiritual womenprenuers that are here to inspire change in the world. I specialize in online course design, development, administration, management, and training with WordPress LearnDash and Moodle LMS Life is good, have a blessed day.

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