Saying YES to Becoming a Crowned for Success RVP

In this post, I’ll share with you how life has changed for me since becoming a Regional Vice President (RVP) with Crowned for Success and Boss Ladies Mindset.

Let’s rewind to August of last year, at the time I didn’t entirely understand what it meant to be an RVP. But what I did know was that EVERY SINGLE @crowned4success post felt as though it had been written just for me! So when I saw that Crowned for Success was hiring Ambassadors I jumped at the chance!


That leap of faith has more than paid off. Just over one year on, as cliched as it might sound, I can wholeheartedly say that this program has changed my life.


Becoming part of this amazing community of strong, soulful, big-hearted, brilliant and ambitious women has helped me to:

  • shake my fear of being visible
  • get out of comfort zone
  • step into my power
  • have stronger boundaries
  • connect to my purpose and passion
  • create new friendships
  • grow my following
  • start my blog
  • increase my income
  • work from home (with my toddler and baby)


I’m now part of a sisterhood of women who are like the big sisters I always wished I had.


If you’re brimming with excitement, and are ready to book your interview and join the Crowned for Success Queendom, send me a message over on Instagram @francesclaire81!

When I started writing this post I was going to talk about the 3 C’s of becoming an RVP: Confidence, Clarity, and Creativity. BUT my 3 C’s quickly grew to 6! So I’ve broken it up into two posts.

But first, I want to answer three of the most frequently asked questions:

  1. How old must I be?
    You must be at least 18 years of age
  2. Do I need to live in the United States, or be able to travel?
    NO! You can become an RVP regardless of your location. We are a global sisterhood! 
  3. What are the specific requirements?
    No formal qualification is required but you must be passionate about empowering women and making an impact.



The RVP Program gets you to go deep and evaluate what truly brings you happiness. You won’t be giving any BS fluffy people-pleasing answers here….you’ll be incredibly raw and real, and what you discover may surprise you!

The training will help you to focus on self-awareness, self-care, and self-love. Your consistency will build your confidence over time and you’ll start closing the gap between where you’re at and your dream life.

Sometimes (actually let’s be honest) more often than not, the people closest to us are the last to come on board with supporting our hopes, dreams, ideas, and business ventures. That’s why being part of a tribe of women who share the same passion and vision as you is an absolute game-changer.  Having that collective energy, momentum and encouragement will help your confidence to skyrocket, no matter the challenges life throws at you.


When I started the RVP Program I had lots of ideas BUT I didn’t have a clear vision or mission. Let alone a sense of purpose that tied them all together. I had all the puzzle pieces but not a clue how to put them together. I felt disconnected from myself, and my purpose, and was unsure how to move forward.

Wendy’s called the Queen of Instagram for a reason: She knows her stuff! She shows you the steps to take, lays out a framework for you.

Having it all mapped out for you, removed so much of the overwhelm. If you follow Wendy’s guidance, your intuition, and do the work you will be successful.

Saying YES to becoming an RVP with Crowned for Success will help you to:

  • your passion and purpose
  • your niche
  • who your dream barbie (client), and what she wants
  • who you want to serve
  • your values and beliefs
  • what areas of life you’ve been settling in
  • what’s no longer working
  • what has been holding you back
  • what you can outsource
  • your next steps
  • your one year plan

You’ll be able to move forward confidently, feeling connected to your purpose and passion.


Once you’ve gained clarity around your passion and purpose your creativity will start to flow. You’ll find it easier to say no to things that aren’t aligned with your dream life. And with those distractions gone, it opens up and expands your mind.

The RVP Program will help you to identify and overcome your creative blocks. The coursework is filled with exercises, prompts and ideas to get your creative juices flowing. On the zoom calls are watching the other women being coached will spark your imagination. Whenever you feel like you’ve hit a wall, you have a whole community of women in the Whatsapp chat group to brainstorm with, bounce ideas off and get feedback from.

In Part 2, I’ll talk about Community, Collaboration, and last but not least Commissions! Yes, commissions…..a whopping, unheard of 40%!

Message me over on Instagram @francesclaire81 to join our sisterhood today! And if you need a little more inspiration, here’s a message from your future self.

Love Frances


Frances Claire

Frances is an Executive Vice President and certified coach for Crowned for Success and Boss Ladies Mindset. Her passion is helping women to track, shift and consciously choose their emotions. By bringing awareness to how the five senses of touch, sight, hearing, taste and smell influence emotion, Frances empowers women to heal and reconnect to themselves. Her work is a mix of decluttering, women’s empowerment, aromatherapy, and creating spaces which are in alignment with her clients values and dreams. Frances is a mom, a network marketer, a writer, a Scorpio, an essential oil lover and a questioner of the status quo. She loves to see women empowered and making choices from their hearts. Her motto is ‘Change your space: change your life!’ You can download her FREE 2020 Vision Worksheet at and connect with her on IG @francesclaire81

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