3 ways to know you’re financially ready to quit your 9-5

You want to make money, which is why you started on this journey into entrepreneurship part-time. You’re trying to figure out if you can really take this idea and create products and services other people need. But I’ve seen a recent leap of entrepreneurs who skip right over this to jump into quitting their jobs to start a business.

Lately, I’ve seen a huge rush of entrepreneurs who skip right part-time to jump into quitting their jobs to start a business. With no plan, no backup, just a new business idea.

Don’t let this happen to you. Financially prepare you and your household before you quit your job. This is for your sanity and your financial well being.

Here are 3 ways to know if you’re financially ready to quit your 9-5:

1. Do you have enough money saved to cover all your household and monthly bills?

Remember you’re losing the income from your 9-5, so you need to know that your expenses are covered for a couple months. Don’t forget to take into account the other benefits that your job offers as well, such as 401K Match, health, dental, and life insurance.  These are now additional expenses that you need to consider because they’re no longer provided to you. Let’s be honest, healthcare is EXPENSIVE!

2. How much does it cost to run your business?

Take a look at your last couple bank statements or financial reports to review your expenses. Do you know your breakeven number? What expenses can you eliminate or reduce because you’re not using it or there’s a free version?

3. Does your business bring in enough profit to cover what you make in your 9-5?

You’re giving up the salary from your 9-5 to work in your business so your business needs to already be making that. Make sure you’re looking at consistent sales. You don’t want to take into account seasonal, holidays or huge sales that won’t happen on a regular basis.

Let’s face it, you started a business to bring in more money to help lighten the financial load and to provide for your family. The last thing you want is to let that income go and not have a replacement for it. Or to be forced to find another job months later.

When I started my business, it was to fund our Fun Account. This was extra money to do fun stuff with and to add to my savings account. I work hard at it, but I can’t image the stress and despair I’d feel if I didn’t have both incomes. The first several months, my 9-5 funded all my business expenses.

So before you take the big leap by quitting the job you hate, make sure you have money set aside for the ones you love.

Let me know your thoughts. Are you financially ready to quit your 9-5?

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Takisha Artis

Financial Influencer

Hey...I'm Takisha, I use my experience as a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Financial Education Instructor, and Certified Life Coach to incite women entrepreneurs to utilize their business to achieve their financial goals & fund their desired lifestyle by creating financial plans, systems, and strategies. Be sure to check out my website www.TakishasTheory.com.

  1. I preach this to my clients all the time but people are in love with the hype.
    Quitting your job seems to be the popular thing to do now until your bills come on the 1st. I approve this message!

  2. Preach. I say this all the time to my clients but quitting your 9-5 seems to be the popular thing to do until your bills come on the 1st. I love your angle

  3. Where was this article when I quit my job back in 2013? I got so wrapped up in the idea of entrepreneurship, hating my boss and simply wanting a change that I neglected to map out just how expensive this dream of entrepreneurship would be. Though I ended up going back to work just at another company I realize the importance of a financially sound exit strategy

  4. Love this article….I advise my clients to work their business part time until they are consistently generating revenue for their lifestyle and have a nest egg. Unfortunately we live in a microwave society and want immediate results and often times do not think things thru. While I am in total agreement about taking leaps of faith, you shouldn’t jump off a cliff without a parachute. Remember if you fail to plan, you plan to fail!