How I Made 2 Million In One Career…Yeah, For Real

Since I was a little girl, I’ve always loved learning, doing things and seeing cool stuff.

Fast forward to my young adult life; my interests were career development strategies, travel, and adventure.

And I knew then that time management, being organized and planning were my strengths.

So, let’s just get to it, how did it get to the money tho’… well …

In 1999, at age 33, I moved to Hawaii to work on the Island of Oahu.

Then, in 2000, at age 34, [after ten years], I obtained the highest level which I desired for my Federal career, the GS-13 grade level, at Headquarters in Washington, DC, as a Program Manager, in Human Resources. I had two levels left to scale.

Consequently, in 2002, at age 36, I moved to a foreign country overseas and I remained there, happy, continuously in Wiesbaden, Germany for the following fifteen years, from 2002 through 2017.

On a side note, in 2005, at age 39, OMGEE!! I made six figures for the first time.

In 2006, at age 40, it was the second year, in a foreign country, and I made six figures.

In 2007, at age 41, it was the third year, in a foreign country, and I made six figures.

Again, a little side note: that same year, in 2007, at age 41, I purchased my car in cash [this was a FIRST] and it was the new Mercedes SLK, Roadster, in Iridium Silver.

So, in 2011, at age 45, I decided to purchase my first home. It’s in Germany where I intend to live after I retire. My employer covered the cost of the home.

In 2016, at age 50, my overseas assignment came to an end, and I relocated to Florida; not surprisingly I love it here. It’s just wonderful being near my family and friends again, not to mention the weather and the beaches.

Even though I have been living and working outside the U.S. for the last fifteen years, this move back to the states [January 2017 to now] has been an easy adjustment for me, THANKFULLY.

To date, in my 9-5 career, within the federal government, my earnings total $1,801,993. In December 2019, I cross the 2 million dollar mark.

I intend to retire at Age 56 on January 4, 2023, after 33-years of service and move back to Germany.

Throughout all of this, I have been Mentoring-Coaching-Consulting on all things related to personal development strategies & business development & social media marketing resources to support CEOs, Entrepreneurs, and CareerBosses … thanks to CEO Wendy Porter. I have SO MANY testimonials to share from just this past 18 months last. If you would like to scale your business and work with me click this link, Work with me, and let’s get you to the 2 million dollar mark.


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