How To Achieve Your Personal Peace With These 3 Tips

Have you ever wondered why some people can handle situations better than others? What makes them so special or are they “above” negative situations? Have you ever considered that maybe, just maybe, it’s their internal peace taking over? Find out how you can achieve internal peace with these three simple tips.

Finding Your Peace Under Your Waterfall

I don’t remember what book I was reading, but the author was telling a story about how an art teacher asked her students to draw what peace looks like. The first student drew a very peaceful meadow and the second student drew a raging waterfall with a person being calm under the fall. The art teacher said the second student really captured the meaning of peace. This really stuck with me and that’s what I want to talk about in this post. 

I used to think peace was more like the first student’s drawing. I believed you would only have peace if and when you can have the peaceful downtime in your life, but that’s not true at all. Let’s be honest, our lives are very chaotic. We deal with relationship issues, finances, family problems, work difficulties, lost dreams, stolen hope, and the list goes on FOREVER. I have learned all the problems we have in our life is like the waterfall in the second student’s drawing. Everything around us can be gushing and pouring out problems on us, but in the chaos, we have the privilege to choose how we will react. 

When I first became aware I entered into this surreal peace, it was actually my first mentor who pointed it out to me. I sent her a voice message sharing my story, the situation I was in, and how I was feeling. She replied back to me saying she was proud of me for finding peace in the midst of my storm. At the moment when I heard her say that, it made me take a step backward. Almost like, “what do you mean I found my peace?” 

From that point on, I always tried to remain peaceful in situations where I was being tested. I tried to hold on to that feeling my mentor shared with me when she said I found my peace. I’m human and sometimes, that feeling was nowhere to be found. It was lost in the chaos. Does that feel like you? Like you’re being tossed around in your waterfall, barely breathing and trying to grab onto anything that would keep you afloat? 

Sister, you’re not alone! I was right there with you. I know what it feels like to be barely breathing and trying to grab onto anything to bring peace in my life. I have truly learned that the only life jacket I need is to believe in myself and to believe that all things will work for good. I recently listened to an AMAZING podcast with Ed Mylett and John Assaraf called “Evolve Your Brain,”

please go listen to it. John Assaraf does an excellent job of explaining how you can flip your mindset to think positively in the midst of your chaos. But today, what I want to share with you is three tips I have learned staying peaceful under my waterfall. 

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How You Can Experience Your Internal Peace

Tip #1: Acknowledge your space

We first acknowledge our space by being aware there is a situation going on around us. From there you can start to step back, see where you’re at mentally, emotionally, and spiritually by asking yourself a few questions. I feel most of the questions will vary depending on the situation but they should be along the lines of: Is there a solution to this problem that I can take care of myself or do I need help from others? If the roles were reversed how would I be feeling? Ask yourself questions that will allow you to acknowledge the space you are in by removing yourself from the situation and seeing it from a 30,000-foot perspective. 

Tip #2: Acceptance

After we acknowledge our space, next comes acceptance. This one is simply, “I cannot control others. I can control myself, my emotions, attitude, and the way I think.” Or put another way, it’s letting go of expectations and simply just being. It doesn’t mean you’re not doing anything, it just means you’re allowing whatever is happening to happen and you are in control of yourself. 

Tip #3: Switch your mindset for forward-thinking

Lastly, our mindset is such an amazing tool. I’ve been learning over the past couple of months that our mind doesn’t know the difference between reality. So if we start thinking of negative things and experiences our minds will start producing those negative emotions and feelings. If we stop this before it happens, you can start to bring more peace into your life by following the first and second tips.

I really hope these tips can help you. Let me know how you create your peace when everything around you is rushing. Don’t let your situation get the best of you. You are able to take control of the situation by simply controlling your peace which comes from controlling your mindset and attitude. 

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