Queen of the Week (12 April 2020)

Imani Harris

Hello, all you beautiful Queens! I wanted to introduce and put a spotlight on another Queen this week! She is actually a recent graduate and has been making waves in the Queendom. So, as our tradition at Crowned for Success we empowering women to meet their highest potential. And this week we want to recognize our Regional Vice President Imani Harris.


Imani sent in a two-part video for you to enjoy and get to know a little more about her and what she’s up to! Here is part 1.



I pray that this finds you well and that you had a good week. Thank you so much for watching my video. For that, I want to give you a link to my free strategy jumpstart session.
Here is the link for them to use: https://bookme.name/imaniandco/strategy-jumpstart. Thank you Crowned for success for the opportunity to share myself with amazing Queens.
CEO and Founder
Imani Harris & Co.
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