Letter for the Broken Hearted

I am so sorry. 

I am so sorry this is happening to you once again. 

I knew going into the relationship; you had many expectations; if anything, mutual respect was expected. 


I know you keep holding on to his sweet phrases and you keep looking at your phone to see if he messaged you. He hasn’t been lately. No more sweet phrases. 

I know you gave it your very all, you gave even when you had nothing left for yourself; and now you are crying yourself to sleep wondering if he loved you if at all. 

I know you need the same reassurance you have been giving him.

You stay wondering if he is leaving. Perhaps he has left already.

And I know you knew that you would be the one who would hurt because even though you said I love you more and he would say it too, I know you always knew you love more than he loves you.


Still, you did not know it would hurt this much. 

But perhaps you can learn to wake up to the sunrise.

Perhaps you can learn waking up to the world especially when the man you love doesn’t cherish waking up next to you every single morning. 

Don’t worry, I have learned to wake up to the sunrise too. 


I have learned that even after him, you being a woman, there is still so much life in you.  


With Gratitude, 

Nessa xx 

ps. if you would like guidance in mending your broken heart, please contact one of our Relationship or Feminine Empowerment coaches. Or join our Manifesting Queens Society and surround yourself with power, love, and forgiveness. 

Vanessa Renaud

Certified Relationship Coach

Relationship coach whom decided to optimize her focus on inner healing and relationships believing relational work is done collectively and individually. Published author of "30 Days Of Healing" and founder of nessyology; a deep rooted online platform her readers can all connect on a deeper level while raising relational standards for themselves.

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  1. Relationships don’t always work. Sometimes, a breakup is more or less amicable but most often than not, it hurts so much that you feel your heart will burst.

    Dr. Sanjeev Trivedi talks about the ways to deal with heartbreak. Here are her ways to deal with it.

    1. You are not the first person in the world to experience heartache. Millions have suffered and have come out of it. Pain is something that adds to your understanding, knowledge of people and your own maturity. Though it is not a pleasant feeling, it is quite normal.

    2. Do things that help prevent memories of time spent together. Delete chats, emails, and photographs from handset, laptop and computer. If you cannot gather courage to do this, as least move them to a folder marked ‘hidden’ and saved in a remote corner not easily accessible. Do away with gifts and mementos so that you are not reminded of the person.

    3. Stop all communication with the person and also those who may want to inquire or talk about her or him. People can suspend all communication when they want to, but in vulnerable moments there is a sudden urge to reconnect and therefore blocking communication channels helps.

    4. Once you are in better control of yourself pat yourself on your back. But there will be times when you may need help. The urge, the confusion and the hope may make you take a wrong step and therefore in order to block this possibility, you can talk to a friend or a counselor about your feelings.`

    5. When you cannot help remaining sane and normal there is no harm in becoming sad. You may cry loudly if you feel like. Crying makes one feel better, because with stress and anger getting washed out you are also relieved of the toxins. You feel light, relaxed and refreshed.

    6. Please understand that the ability to guide, manage and control someone else does not lie in your hands. Put yourself in his or her place and imagine if you would like to be doing things that others want from you or you would like to be a person with free will and independence. Why should he or she behave the way you want? If you once loved someone, respect her or his decision.

    7. Move away from ‘blame game’. Do not find faults with the individual, other people or circumstances. Instead, start accepting the current situation. Once you are closer to reality it would be easier for you to distance yourself from the pain.

    8. Try to make new friends. Invest time in people who make you happier. The social support system in a collective society like ours is always readily available.

    9. Plan a trip or a vacation with family or friends. Create new and happy memories which will be your new treasure to fall back upon, when you feel lonely and sad. Click new pictures. Get a pet if you feel it might help.

    10. Try to help a person who is undergoing similar trauma. Be a guide or a counselor to him or her. With what you have learnt in life, you can surely share some valuable tips with the person who is suffering. Realize the change in you. See what is good in you and around you.