Queen of the Week (05 April 2020)

Maya Roffler

Our wonderful Queen of the week is Maya Roffler. She has taken over our podcast and is making waves in the Queendom. At crowned for success we like to motivate and mentor women to their highest potential. And around here “Queens recognized Queens”. And Maya we recognize you!
So with out further ado have fun learning about Maya Roffler, our Queen of the week…
My name is Maya and I was born in Rhode Island,  although we moved around a bit as a child. I come from a divorced family and I am the oldest of four children.  Because I watched my mother struggle to take care of us and my father wasn’t around. So, I was always determined to be independent and make my own money. I am proud to say that I made that happen at a young age and started working at fourteen (even earlier than that including babysitting). It is my belief “that it is imperative for women to be independent, especially financially.”Maya
My childhood and early adulthood years were not terribly easy but I am grateful for all my experiences because I am strong as a result of my life.
The most challenging and devastating thing I have gone through in my life was losing my brother in November 2016. I am not close to my family today but growing up, my brother was my best friend and my sidekick. Losing my brother was absolutely devastating and changed my life forever. I felt paralyzed emotionally and mentally and sometimes, physically for most of 2017. I was angry, especially towards the person who took my brother’s life. However, I have come out of even this experience stronger than ever. But, I still have sad days. I don’t think that’s something you ever recover from truly. I am always here to talk about the tough stuff. I’ve been there; I get it.
Right now, I reside in downtown Atlanta with my husband and three pups. My husband and I got married in October of 2019. Unlike a lot of people I know, I waited until I was thirty-three to get married. And honestly,Maya I couldn’t be more pleased that I made that decision.
 My husband and I only knew each other a year and a half when we got married so it was fast. But, I do believe when you’re older, you know better and you’ve had time to figure out what you want. My husband is a Chef and you can also follow him on social media for fun cooking tips and videos, @chefjblocklear. You will often find me behind the camera taping him or he will make some guest appearances on my social media as well.
I also want to mention our pups! They are so important to us. My passion for animals happened LONG ago as I grew up riding horses. However, I became even more passionate about animals, especially dogs when I adopted Bonnie Blue after my brother passed away. She truly helped me heal during that time so I enjoy volunteering at the humane society here in Atlanta where I rescued her. So, I love chatting about dogs and sharing fun pictures and videos too!Maya
I am super passionate about empowering women. I cannot stand cattiness and negativity, so I love leading and helping women learn to lead positive teams and groups of women. That is why I joined Crowned for Success and became an RVP. This community is so positive and uplifting. I think women who are true leaders lead by example, instead of dictating. I love working with women to help them achieve their goals within their current role or job, or helping women move on to pursue their next opportunity. My passion is truly talking about leadership and working with women to become the best leader that she can be whether she is leading a team of a hundred or building her team from the ground up.
I’d love for you to follow me! My social media handles are:
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