You’re Not Just A CEO

Starting a business takes more than a great idea and a PayPal account. It takes you as Queen CEO to learn several new roles. You know the marketing to get your business in front of everyone, the branding, the website design, all of these other things that have nothing to do with your product or service. Only they do.

The bad part for me was some of the most important roles were the ones I had the least experience in. If you’re like me, then you push yourself to get through this because this business is your dream. So you take a couple of classes here and there, try to figure stuff out on your own, only to realize you have no clue what it all takes.

It takes one thing, you knowing that you’ll forever be a student as an entrepreneur. So get ok with that.

Here are four of the most important roles you’ll need to figure out sooner than later. Notice I said figure out, not master or be an expert in. You’re the expert in what you offer the world.

1. Creator.

You are now the proud creator of all things dealing with your business. This ranges from social media content, creating business product & services, graphics, packaging, blogs. Anything your business creates is now in your hands. This is your vision so create it as best you can or find people to help you.

2. Sales.

Others need what you offer. It’s your duty to let them know you have the solution to their problems. Yes, that means telling them about it. Again. Again. And probably 23 more times all in different ways. I know most of us want to sell without being salesy and there is a way to do it. You have to tell people about your products and services with such excitement and urgency as you did about the latest gossip, Black Friday sales ad, or the last book you just read.

3. Finance.

This is my favorite and probably your least if you’re not tracking your money. At the minimum, you need to track all the money coming in and the money going out. Create a budget and review your expenses to make sure you can operate.

4. Administrator.

That inbox of emails won’t answer themselves, update your website, customer questions, setting up systems, and other miscellaneous tasks. Someone has to do it and that someone is your beautiful boss self.

If you’re like me, I didn’t really consider all the extra tasks that I needed to do when I started. But I quickly developed systems to handle emails, I became creative at graphics, I learned what I could and managed to hold it all together. I developed time management skills and created a network of other Queens who I outsource work to or barter with.

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Takisha Artis

Financial Influencer

Hey...I'm Takisha, I use my experience as a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Financial Education Instructor, and Certified Life Coach to incite women entrepreneurs to utilize their business to achieve their financial goals & fund their desired lifestyle by creating financial plans, systems, and strategies. Be sure to check out my website