Queen of the Week (3 May 2020)

Riantha Naidoo

Hey, Hey Queens, we are back with our Queen of the Week. Last week was a little crazy! With the graduation of our first class of Regional Recruiters; announcing Dr. Rana Al-Falaki article being publishing on Thrive global: The Elixir For A Workaholic Or Wantaholic. And this next Queen publishing her first book on Amazon we were a little busy celebrating a lot of wins!!!

But as you know we like to highlight Queens doing amazing things so here is our Published Queen and Queen of the Week, Riantha Naidoo


Tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Riantha, and I was born in South Africa and relocated with my parents to New Zealand when I was 13 years old. I am an only child and was the classic energetic entertainer as a child holding concerts for my family. I also had an extremely wild imagination with a love for anything that involved creating…reminiscing now about my fairy gardens and the berry juice I created for the fairies, and now I call that their “cheeky wine” hehe. I grew up thinking I would either be an actress or a teacher.  I was that girl that would come home from school and teach our helper French or English and give her tests and even a report card, and I also learned my own study material as weird as it sounds by pretending I was teaching to a room full of students in a classroom. Riantha Naidoo

I went through school being a classic over-achiever in academics. I was definitely not a sports person, but I was part of the team tennis club. And I was coached, in South Africa, by the number 30 tennis player in the world at the time. One of my proudest sporting achievement that is for sure :). I excelled in my schooling career and was a high performer even though we moved the city a few times in South Africa and even across countries when we moved to NZ.

I credit my crazy determination, resilience, and diligence for that! I went to the University of Auckland, have a Bachelor of Commerce degree double majoring in Accounting and Commercial Law. I started full time working at 21 years old and became a Chartered Accountant at 24 years old. After I had ended a crazy toxic relationship and finally realized my self worth and was starting to discover who I really was, there walked into my life, the love of my universe while I was on holiday in South Africa. It honestly sounds like a soppy love story. Still, we did long distance for about 7 months then met on holiday in Thailand on the 8th month.

Then I came home to NZ, realized I felt incomplete without him, resigned from work, packed my life up, left my parents (being an only child and super close to my parents that was a toughie), moved back to South Africa and in with my partner on the 11th month. Long story short fast forward to over 5 years, a fur baby-dog-child, one inter-city house move and then a gigantic move together to Melbourne, Australia, later, we are loving life! At the core of my being is empathy, kindness, and compassion, and I really believe in standing up for what is right and for justice.

Riantha NaidooI am a strong advocate for mental health awareness, and even before these times, my hope has always been that we are kind to each other, we eradicate bullying in schools, workplaces and everywhere and remove the mean-girls mentality altogether. I am a true creative at heart, with a passion for everything lifestyle, health-n-beauty, fitness-n-wellness. I consider myself a home chef, and I absolutely love to cook. I write poetry, am a positivity advocate, been loving at home-workouts. Still, I do miss the gym, enjoy daily meditating, journaling, nature walks, and bike rides and love a good binge watch of anything reality TV. I just turned 30 in March and went to Color Conference a week before my 30th…I truly thank God for my every blessing, and I am beyond grateful. I live my life this way and just a little reminder for everyone “When you put God first, you will never come second in your life.”


What do you do

I am a Chartered Accountant in the Finance sector, and I am also a Life and Wellness Coach. I also have my own coaching business called Ri-flection. My experience in Finance spans from internal and external audits to senior accounting roles to financial leadership to a career highlight being a Financial Controller of one of South Africa’s largest casinos as part of the largest hospitality group in South Africa.


Why do you do what you do

I am passionate about coaching and have been working on this business since before COVID. I believe everything happens for a reason, and I was meant to launch this business during these times. I found my purpose, which is to coach and mentor and empower women in any way I can, in their own learning and development. In every role I have ever had, I felt the happiest when I was coaching others. I am a Life and Wellness Coach because I believe every woman is powerful beyond their wildest imaginations. And I want to help women find their purpose, feel fulfilled, love every bit of their reflection, and embrace the woman they were meant to be. I also have had soooo many life experiences, challenges, and tough times and have found ways to get me out of feeling stuck and into a life where I am now living out my purpose. I want to help women along their journey. I also hope that we raise a generation of world leaders in the industry of compassion and significance and raise girls who grow up to be empowered, fulfilled, and inspirational women.


What are you working on now

I have just released my FREE E-book called “10 Must-have life hacks for women who want to THRIVE in their thirties.” I am currently working on my website as well as tailoring my one-on-one and group coaching sessions. My audience voted that they wanted more makeup and self-care tutorials from me so I will be posting those on Instagram very very very soon. I also have been planning out more of my live videos with loads more of those coming up! I offer worldwide coaching and a FREE call to ascertain if it is the right fit for you and your life. I am also working on more podcasts on my Ri-flection channel.


When working with queens what do you hope they takeaway

Riantha NaidooMy greatest hope is that every woman realizes her worth and her value in this world. I want her to realize her purpose and the woman she is meant to be. I hope she walks away feeling more fulfilled and happy and that she is able to embrace her reflection fully. I also want her to be un-stuck from whatever is holding her back, whether it be her own limiting beliefs, her friends and family’s expectations of her, the need to look after everyone else but herself, anything really. I want her to know that I believe in her, honestly, and that there is nobody else that has or ever will be her and that she is a gift to this world. I want her to know that she is more powerful than what is holding her back and that the minute she realizes, that will be when she is set free from fear. Working with me, I will also be there, cheering her on every single step of the way.


The biggest piece of advice

I suggest downloading and reading my free E-book as I have some good life hacks, lessons, and insights in there packed with my raw experiences and challenges. However, I think my biggest piece of advice is to find what sets your heart on fire and brings you the greatest amount of fulfillment and peace, visualize your highest self living your dream life, then work super hard on your own dreams…not anyone else’s dream for your life, but your own wants, dreams, and desires and then have faith, pray, be grateful, surrender to your higher power and the universe and celebrate ALL your blessings. Also please remember, everything and I mean everything happens for a reason.

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