10 ways to start investing in your OWN self-care

What is self-care?  Have we forgotten!?

I have holes in my shoes but I can’t buy new ones….the baby needs a new toy…

Wait.  What?!

How is it possible that every time I need to buy myself something, I put it off or feel incredibly guilty?! Can that be real?

Why do we go around taking care of everyone BUT OURSELVES?

Stop and think ladies…ask yourself these questions:

When was the last time I did something I really loved?  I mean.  REALLY loved?

Or here’s another good one…


What have I done to better myself in the last 30 days?

If you can’t think of the answers, we need to talk.


Here are 10 ways to start investing in your OWN self-care…


  1. Discover Your True Needs – Improve the opinion of yourself! You deserve to be treated like the queen you are!
  2. Never apologize for who you are.  You are perfect exactly in your flaws.  Remember, you are able to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously.
  3. Always, and I mean always, trust your gut.
  4. Create a bigger version of yourself – visualize your ideal life – then get to work on manifesting one element at a time.
  5. Take impeccable care of yourself – Here is where we really dig into Self Care…
  6. Set an example – practice integrity – show the world who you really are – every.single.day.
  7. Multiply your riches – riches are more than financial; how can you multiply your richness in KNOWLEDGE, Wisdom, Compassion, Tenacity?
  8. Do what you love.  Remember that question?  What do you LOVE to do?  Read?  Yoga? Shop? Get your hair done? Lunch with girlfriends?  DO IT.
  9. Weigh your options – don’t make decisions due to habit or influence.  Go within and truly weigh your options.  You have the right to pick people and things in your life; they don’t pick you.
  10. Be aware of what you deserve and find the balance – The beauty of sacrifice is that you can’t ALWAYS put yourself first ie. mothers, you know that there will always be a time that you need to put your babies first…and that is ok.  That is where we learn balance.

Remember dolls… YOU are your greatest investment.  Putting energy into your well being FIRST ensures well being of those who depend on you.




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Jihan is an Energy Leadership and Life Mastery Professional Certified Life Coach with certifications from iPEC (Institute for Performance Excellence in Coaching) and Crowned for Success . She holds a BS in Biology and Exercise Physiology from the University of Miami (GO CANES!), as well as a Masters/MBA from the University of Maryland. Jihan has worked many years in the corporate world, and is now living her life on her terms. She works with women (and men!) looking to discover their true "who", get themselves out of that RUT, overcome their huge life hurdles, and start living the lives of their dreams on the other side. Jihan is also a beauty coach and is passionate about helping women realize their beauty and brilliance in all areas of their lives. Her purpose is to help encourage and inspire others to truly see their potential, achieve their goals, change their lives, and follow their passion. She's a proud mommy, an entrepreneur (a mompreneur!) a network marketer, a writer, and lover of life! She loves living a life where she can truly uplift, empower, and validate others! For daily inspiration, be sure to give her a follow @strongwomenarebeautiful on Instagram.

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