Community (AKA Sisterhood)

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In my last post, I talked about the Confidence, Creativity, and Clarity that you’ll gain from the RVP program. If you missed the post, you can read it HERE.

Today what’s on my heart to share with you is a little bit about the community which has literally changed my life. I’ve been in online groups and programs before, and have heard other members rave about the community, BUT I’d never really felt it.

With the Regional Vice President (RVP) Community, something felt different. There was a warmth and a sense of collective purpose, call it energy or vibration if you will. So let’s talk about this community which has now become my sisterhood.

Community (AKA Sisterhood)

The Crowned for Success/Boss Ladies Mindset RVP Program attracts big-hearted women, who are passionate about using their life-experience and knowledge to empower other women. They see the beauty in other women and celebrate each others wins.

It’s not just a business community. We go deep and get personal. Our conversations are about everything….all the things you would share with your sisters or closest girlfriends, sometimes even the things you haven’t shared with anyone!

You are never alone. There is always another woman within the group who will raise her hand to say “Me too girl. I’ve Been there, and I’m here for you.”

Knowing that Wendy has absolutely zero tolerance for BS or bitchiness makes the group feel safe, and keeps the vibe high. Feeling safe allows you to be vulnerable. And vulnerability is where the growth really happens.

Over the last few months I’ve really gotten to know these ladies, they’ve actually become my friends.  I care when they are struggling with something and I celebrate their wins. I’m invested in their success, and they’re invested in mine.

The RVP community is an environment which creates and fosters abundance for everyone.

We share our ideas, know-how, learnings, heartbreaks, struggles, and successes. We’re there to pick each other up. To motivate and inspire each other to keep up-leveling!

We aren’t in competition with each other, we are all rising together. If this sounds like something you would love to be a part of you can find out more HERE.

Heart & Hustle

In traditional business, there’s often a separation between the hustle and the heart. Women are heart-centered, and you just can’t separate the two. The RVP Program is such a winning formula because it takes care of the heart and soul, and has women taking care of themselves first.

Daily gratitude, self-care, and self-love filters through the RVP’s businesses, and that’s why they’re so successful. It’s abundantly evident that their heart is in it, and people can feel that generosity and the authenticity and genuineness behind the RVP’s.

The Full Story

One of the most powerful benefits of the community is that you get to see a different side to people than just what they show on social media. You get to see other women being openly vulnerable, saying “Hey so yes my Instagram looks amazing, but this is also what’s going on for me! Here’s the backstory”.

You can be a successful multi-million dollar business owner and still be struggling with the same issues that life throws our way: anxiety, relationships, health issues, public speaking, mental health, self-sabotage, divorce, abuse, cancer, and the list goes on. But still taking action and moving forward in life and business at the same time as those events/issues are present.

Don’t wait to be healed, better educated, perfect etc to be successful. You can be successful and a work in progress.

Seeing the whole person and knowing the full story is so comforting because so often all you see the end product.  And comparisonitis kicks in, and you think fuck I can’t do that, and I can’t be that! But the RVP program and community show you, that in fact yes, yes you can!


This brings me to collaborations with the opportunities which are available once you graduate the six-week training. There is something suited to everyone.  And while you don’t have to participate in the opportunities you’d be crazy not to take advantage of Wendy’s generosity. What’s offered to us as RVP’s is always evolving, there’s always something new.

After you graduate the 6 weeks of training, you have the opportunity to participate in/be featured on all of the Crowned for Success and Boss Ladies Mindset platforms.

Pause for a minute….what that means is:


Without even having grown a following of your own! 

The platforms you can feature on include:

  • blogging
  • YouTube
  • IG TV
  • podcasts
  • Coffee Talk Tuesdays
  • Wine & Shine Wednesdays

BUT it doesn’t end there! You’ll also have the opportunity to:

  • host Meet-ups in your local area
  • collaborate on e-courses
  • assistance getting published

Wendy is always open to new ideas and opportunities….which means if you think of something brilliant, you can pitch your idea to her! You can work with the other women in our community to bring your dreams to fruition, so the possibilities are limitless.


As if all that wasn’t enough, you will make 40% commission on the sale of all the Crowned for Success/Boss Ladies Mindset:

  • Products
  • Programs
  • Event tickets


The Regional Vice President Program gives you an instant sisterhood of women who are lit up with the same passion, inspiration, and the drive to help to see all women succeed. For once, there’s no bitching or competition, just support, and collaboration!

Becoming an RVP will have you stepping into your power and smashing your 2020 goals!

For more info on how to become part of our sisterhood send me a message over on Instagram @francesclaire81.


Love Frances

Frances Claire

Frances is an Executive Vice President and certified coach for Crowned for Success and Boss Ladies Mindset. Her passion is helping women to track, shift and consciously choose their emotions. By bringing awareness to how the five senses of touch, sight, hearing, taste and smell influence emotion, Frances empowers women to heal and reconnect to themselves. Her work is a mix of decluttering, women’s empowerment, aromatherapy, and creating spaces which are in alignment with her clients values and dreams. Frances is a mom, a network marketer, a writer, a Scorpio, an essential oil lover and a questioner of the status quo. She loves to see women empowered and making choices from their hearts. Her motto is ‘Change your space: change your life!’ You can download her FREE 2020 Vision Worksheet at and connect with her on IG @francesclaire81

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