The extra mile

little girl going the extra mile
I had asked my daughter yesterday afternoon to clean my car on the inside. About half an hour later she came back inside crying which is very unusual for her. She held her arm and told me that she wanted to go an extra mile and clean the car on the outside, too. So she got a bucket with water, a cloth, and soap. And then she started washing away and decided to climb on to the roof, too. She got back down and because the car was obviously soapy wet she slid down and landed awkwardly on her hand. We will find out on Friday whether her wrist is broken. Until then her little arm is in a cast.
Ruthi is turning 11 in January. I am a single mum. We have a lot of conversations about our relationship and that we must work as a team. And I think she understood now. She possibly also understood that love hurts.
Here is my message to you: watch your children & be reminded of what life is about.
Next time I will write about what makes me go the extra mile.
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