This is not a sales pitch


I need you to buy COOFFEEE and travel to Uganda. I want you to buy the things that I sell. I want you to spread the word about what I do. That we founded an NGO called Rugby Tackling Life in Uganda that supports 2000 girls through Rugby.

This is not a sales pitch.

But this is how we grow.


In order for all of us to succeed we need to make money. Making money means investing, venturing, learning and making mistakes. That sums up growth. We cannot do any of that if we are not making money. Start buying from each other.

If you want to go fast, go alone.

If you want to go far, go together.

10 years

I made the commitment to myself to take myself very serious (not literally) and make sure that Ruthi and I are ok but I also decided that I will the best to empower all the girls we are playing Rugby with in Uganda. And that is what I need the money for.

I had told you about why I love Rugby and what made me start playing in my last article:

After a few years of playing Rugby and living in Uganda, then came Rugby Tackling Life. It is an NGO that I set up with my Ugandan and American girlfriends. We all lived in Uganda together. We all looove Rugby and saw what that sport can do for children especially girls.

We spent weekends playing, travelling, talking, getting in idea of what is happening in Uganda.

In Uganda nearly 70% of children do not even finish primary school which means by the age of 11 they are out of school and are asked to be working and married off as soon as possible. They do not have the chance to play and learn in many cases. Luckily it is slowly changing. At Rugby Tackling Life, we currently work on a project to end child marriage in Northern Uganda together with a group of other grassroots organizations. But this is only one aspect of our work.


I donate a share of the profits I make with COOFFEEE and Fabulous Uganda travels to the NGO Rugby Tackling Life.

The goal is to become independent of grants and donors AND to build businesses in Uganda run by our teams.

Girls in Coffee in Africa

That is the name of a project I have just started. I collaborate with cafes and roasters around the world to sell their African coffees, too so that together we can support girls in coffee in Africa.

That does not only mean the growers but also in the future our girls that decide to take up coffee as their business.

And also.

Let me say only this: marathon and travel festivals. I will fill you in.

But lets go slow. Keep on reading, ask me questions, start buying and let me know how I can support you!

Here is the link to the website where you can buy COOFFEEE online, find out about why you should travel with us to Uganda, learn about Rugby Tackling Life.

Read, learn, buy!

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