Tips to Develop a Successful Mindset

Is your mindset hindering or helping your business? Your state of mind can make the difference between a successful business and a failed one. It can make a difference in your personal satisfaction and how others view your business efforts. Developing a successful mindset is key. But how? Here are some tips.

Be Realistic

Having “impossible to reach” goals is a good way to set yourself up for discouragement. You want to have goals that are high enough to inspire you, but not so high that you miss them again and again. If you are having trouble meeting your goals and thinking positively, stop and take an assessment of your goals. Maybe you need to pull your goals back down to earth a bit.

Challenge Yourself

You may find yourself getting negative about your business, because you are not challenged. If it is just too easy to meet your goals, perhaps your goals are not high enough. Challenge yourself, but keep it manageable.

Keep Positive Company

When you hang around with negative nay-sayers, it tends to rub off. Your acquaintances might be jealous of you, and can sometimes be threatened by your success. Try to keep company with upbeat people whose excitement is contagious.

I will shamelessly plug Crowned for success here! I am grateful for my connection with this amazing sisterhood of women, who have certainly inspired me and keep me encouraged to do and be more.

Write Your Dreams Down

Keep a list handy of all the reasons you started your home-based business. What dreams did you have as you started? What are you looking forward to being able to achieve? Look at it whenever you feel overwhelmed or negative. Remind yourself of why you’re doing this. This list might include financial goals, and why you want to earn that money.

Don’t Blame Others

Don’t blame others for your failures. Of course, it’s not positive to beat yourself up over your failures, either. The healthy way to handle failure, is to take responsibility for the failure and learn from it. Think of it as a motivational moment – you can improve and not make the same mistakes again.

Be Bold

Sometimes, you can exhibit a negative mindset by being too cautious. If you always feel the need to have several back-up plans before taking any risk or venture, it can hold you back. Being sensible about risks is healthy, but being overly cautious can paralyze you.

Have Confidence in Your Abilities

Sometimes it’s hard to believe in yourself and your talents. But if you want to develop a positive mindset, you need to think well of yourself and your skills. Have confidence in your skills. There may be others who have similar skills, but no one has your personality behind them. No one can be you, like you!


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Phaedrea Watkins

Phaedrea is an advocate for women to who dare to dream big dreams, in pursuit of starting a business or their own side hustle. Phaedrea is co-author in Volume 7 of the best-selling book series titled, “20 Beautiful Women”, a collection of personal short stories from 20 women authors, speakers, and life coaches. She has also created “Today is Your Day”, a 90-Day motivational journal. She is currently working on additional writings. Phaedrea holds a Bachelors in Biology and a Masters in Business Administration. Though she has worked in corporate for many years, she has always had an itch to thrive as an entrepreneur, and wants to serve as motivation and encouragement for others to press through challenging times to realize their dreams. Phaedrea is the wife of an Army veteran, mom to two beautiful children, a serial entrepreneur, author, Realtor®, and mentor to young adults. Instagram: @phaedreawatkins Email: Website:

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