Turning Negatives Into Positives

Turn your negatives into positives
Purpose is living inside of you

My name is Athena and I have PCOS, polycystic ovarian syndrome. I have an auto-immune disorder that attacks my ovaries and brings with it, infertility. For the first two years of dealing with PCOS, I lived a “woe-is-me life.” I dealt with a lot of self-sabotage, but this isn’t the topic of this blog post. All though if you wanted to, you can read about it on my blog RelianceLegacy.com. The point of this post is how to use a negative situation and turn it into something positive.

 At the start of my personal growth journey, which just happened to coincide with my PCOS problems, I was being told my life had meaning and purpose. I used to think, “well, that’s great and dandy my life has meaning, but what’s the plan to find my purpose?” I’m a type-A person who needs structure and you guessed it, a PLAN. So I started looking for my purpose and got really frustrated I couldn’t find it.

Use Your Negative To Make A Plan

I used to wish my purpose would jump out and hit me right in the face. My husband and I would watch TV shows about people picking up their lives. They would move to a different country and build their dream house and life. I would see these people do jobs that are completely different from their jobs back home. There was one story that stuck with me about a lawyer who became a tour guide when he built his dream home and life. He said it was his purpose and he couldn’t be more fulfilled. It was extremely difficult for me to grab on to the idea someone could do a complete 180-degree turn in their career path. 

I couldn’t believe what I was watching and hearing! Clearly, in my mind, I didn’t see a plan to do a 180-degree turn and besides doing something like that is unattainable, right!? Watching the lawyer’s story helped me open my mindset that I could do that too! I just didn’t know how or what it would look like. About six months before I started RelianceLegacy.com I kept hearing my inner voice telling me I needed to share my story. “Well, what story do I need to share,” I kept thinking to myself. My inner dialogue kept telling me to share about my PCOS and the struggles I went through. 


I created my blog to be a voice for ladies who might have lost theirs and needed help finding it again. Just like the lawyer I saw on TV, I was able to make a 180-degree turn right into my purpose. I realized I AM PURPOSE and I was waiting all along for me to unfold my gift. My life, the stories I have, the trials and tribulations I walked through all brought along gifts for me to share with the world. To help other ladies move past their storms and to find hope again. 

What negatives in your life can you turn into positives? 

If you’ve ever dealt with PCOS or infertility than I would assume you would agree with me when I say this, “sometimes it makes you feel like not a true lady.” It tears apart our ladyhood that was ingrained into our DNA, but without my PCOS I wouldn’t have been able to step into the role I was always created to do. My PCOS story was the starting point for my blog. Since then I turned RelianceLegacy.com into a blog to help ladies find their purpose. 

If it wasn’t for my negative, PCOS, I wouldn’t have the desire to keep becoming the best version of myself. I would’ve limited myself and missed opportunities. Opportunities such as joining the sisterhood of Crowned For Success.  

Have you heard the saying, “life happens for you, not to you?” This saying has been a reflection of my life. I wouldn’t have been able to understand this saying if I didn’t shift my mindset. I needed to look at my turning points from a backward position. 

Here’s what I saw looking backward:

  1. If my ovaries didn’t act up, I would’ve never met my ultrasound tech who became my mentor.
  2. My mentor would’ve never introduced me to personal growth and being an entrepreneur.
  3. I would’ve never made the decision to use personal growth to work on myself from the inside out. To bring out who I was always called to be.
  4. And, I would’ve never found my purpose or started my blog.

I encourage you to look back to any turning points in your life and start to connect your dots. Look to see what negatives you can turn into positives and have fun doing it! Without a doubt, I get excited about seeing everything I’ve started and accomplished all thanks to my PCOS, my negative situation. I hope this can help you do the same. 


Athena Cochrane

Athena Cochrane is an inspiring mentor helping ladies find their purpose utilizing personal growth. She is a military wife and a daughter who loves adventures. She has lived in California, Tennessee, and Florida. Her energetic energy is contagious and she has a heart of gold. She is the owner of RelianceLegacy.com which is her blog all about helping ladies align, grow and elevate to finding their true self.

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