What I like, and even love about me

We are the most critical of ourselves. The most judgemental. The hardest. We always see what we don’t like, could’ve had, don’t have, wish we had … and the list goes on. We also always think that everyone looks at us with the same lens. They see all the same things that we are missing, or that are ‘wrong’ with us. Why is this? Because you know what ~ no one is actually thinking like that, because they are so busy judging and criticizing themselves to be looking at you. All they actually see of you is all they like and want.

You are the only one that judges you the way you do

If we honestly stop to think about this … that others are not and do not judge & criticize us the way we do ourselves – how does that make you feel?

Does it possibly make you think that maybe you not so bad … It does for me. I find myself thinking about a few things that I actually do like about myself because I am less worried about what people are thinking about me.

So I decided that in the spirit of February, and it being the month of love … here is a love letter from me to me …

I am my very own uniqueness

No one else can be me, no one

If you sit down, and write a little letter to yourself about all the things that you like, and even love about yourself ~ you will be surprised at how long it is.

I love how unique I am

Why don’t you write yourself a letter right now? Go on … I dare you.

Here’s to finding a few things  to love about you



Joy Garcia


Joy began her obsession with building client measurable relationships in the advertising industry where she is considered one of South Africa’s top project leaders. Joy began her professionally coaching life when a colleague from her past approached her to mentor him, and she was hooked. Joy loves to see the transformation that happens from coaching a client ~ from the break through that happens when a client clicks as to what their challenge to moving forward is, through to the work that begins to happen, and finally seeing a new version of that client stepping out on the other end, a version of themselves that is stronger, and secure in who they are, what they offer, and where they are going. And a real love of Joy’s is her passion to be super-organized, so she created her YouTube channel, Organized Joy, where you can learn how to create more time for your yourself to do the things you love.

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