When Your Circle Doesn’t Understand Your Entrepreneur Journey

One thing for sure, having the confidence to be an entrepreneur has to start within yourself. Being an entrepreneur is a roller coaster ride of emotions. For reasons I wish I could control, some of those feelings are controlled by the people I surround myself with.





I love those quotes we see on Pinterest about not needing anyone but yourself to reach your goals. How its no one else’s job but yours to believe in you. While those life quotes are true, it makes the road a little longer and tougher if you have no support.

So, what do you do when you’re running a business with no support system? No encouragement from friends or family? They are blind to your vision and give no sense of hope that you will make it. There are ways to cope.



Entrepreneurs think differently. We just don’t think like everyone else. You are excited about your ideas and your plan, and they are looking at you like you have two heads. “Why would you rather have a online business than go to work every day?” “Why do you want to work from home?” “Do you really think people will buy your clothes?” “Your going to work your full time job and then an additional 40 hours to get your business going? You will be exhausted!” They are just not understanding your passion. Drive and persistence will take you places where people can’t see themselves. Staying up all hours of the night to finish tasks. Missing late night parties and hanging out til the crack of dawn because you would rather work. It is a concept for some that is unheard of. However, this is the life that only a chosen few can follow. And you are one of the chosen.


I know you will hate to think that your best friends and fav cousin is jealous of your business endeavors, but let’s call a spade a spade. Sometimes that little ugly monster can come out from the people you least expect.

Think about it: You are taking control over your life. Building a business or already running a business that will give you freedom. Freedom that only people see in their dreams. The freedom to set your own hours. Making money in your sleep. Being your own boss. Why else would they brush off your success? And if you actually fail at something, they give you the ol’ “I tolda so!” spill. Some people that were once in the friend category have now joined the hater club. It comes with the territory.






  • Understanding– It takes walking in someone’s shoes to understand where they are coming from. You might have to step outside yourself to truly get what your loved ones are saying. I’m not suggesting listen to them and don’t live out your dream. They are looking at you like you are taking a huge risk, putting everything on the line for a dream that might not manifest. Okay, you get it. They want what is best for you. However, you have to understand their advice to understand where they are coming from. Just remember just because you are passionate about your business, doesn’t mean they have to be as well. And that is o.k.
  • Let Them Get Off The Bus– Everyone isn’t going to make it on the bus ride throughout your life. Some people will stay on the bus and create wonderful memories with you. Others will get off on stops along the way. For some, your entrepreneur journey is their stop. Some won’t make it through this ride. It is what it is. If someone isn’t adding anything positive to your life, it is time to subtract them out of your life. Plan and simple.
  • Get Some Business Friends– Finding like-minded friends can be such a blessing. Some people just don’t know what you are going through unless they are going through it themselves. It can be difficult talking about marketing ideas to your best friend who has no clue about business. Network and find some business groups where you can meet some people that you can relate to when it comes to your niche.
  • It’s About Them– However your friends or family feels about your business ventures, their thoughts could be totally about themselves. Maybe they wanted to be a business owner, fear of not being successful themselves, or insecurities about their own life could all factor in to their feelings toward you. It’s not about you, it’s about them.

This kind of lifestyle will let you see who truly cares about you. It is worth it when you accomplish your goals and live the lifestyle you are destined to live. Just be sure to never give up on yourself because of someone else.

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Janice Martin

Event Planner, Accountability Coach


Janice Martin

Women Empowerment Influencer

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