Why You Should Niche Down

I’m sure like most new or seasoned, entrepreneurs you’ve heard the phrase niche down. And you spent days racking your brain about how to niche down. Or even why to niche down.

I know I wondered… I have all these great things I wanted to do, how in the world, how am I going to just choose one? And again, why?

Why am I niching down?

Niching down literally means a place or position suitable or appropriate for a person. As a newcomer in an industry, it easy to get lost in what everyone else is doing. It’s easy to lose who you are trying to copy the masters and you can lose your message when it’s not clear or directed at someone in particular. And finding a niche helps you to navigate through all of these obstacles.

To niche down means that you will be able to marketing success because you create laser focus. So, instead of casting a wide net and hoping that people bite, you go straight to the warm shallow water full of the prospective clients you deserve.

You can then craft products, marketing, and messages towards them making them feel special and important rather than like everyone else.

So how do you narrow your niche, you may ask.  Well here’s a very logical way to niche down, first, you have to know that your market is going to buy into 1 of these 3 Categories:

– Health
– Wealth
– Relationship

And under these core Markets are submarkets, A great place to be in your Niche is about 2+ Submarkets in, for example:

diet, nutrition, weight loss
Example: Health » Nutrition » Keto supplements » For women wealth

online business, real estate, Sales Markets
Example: wealth » online business » Network Marketing » Click funnels

self-love, dating, parenting
Example: relationship » self-love » building confidence » in Mompreneurs

Try this formula with your doing and own Niche and see if you can narrow it down for yourself. Once you know what you’re doing and who you are doing it for its easier to find a platform and create your content. And as you create your content & attract your tribe.

There’s also a more emotional way to figure out your niche, and it goes like this:

  1.  Tell and craft your story

    Continuing to telling your story doesn’t just help you figure out your niche, it also helps you to figure out your ideal client and grow your tribe. A well-crafted story can also help you identify your end goal, and maybe even how you can get there.

  2. Start with work that inspires you

    When you’re working on something that inspires and excites you tend to put more love and vulnerability into your work. You are usually more patient and caring with your clients and you serve from a different place within your heart and soul. And you tend to work harder, you give more valuable information and you create better more useful products.

  3. Ask others what you’re good at

    Ask somebody! Go and take a poll from friends and family. They can tell you what your strengths are, and what they go to you for. This could be the best advice you get from them, use it to your advantage. It’s the best FREE advice you’ll ever get.

Don’t be like me!

Figure out your niche because THE RICHES ARE IN THE NICHES!

Finding a niche or niching down is just a place to start in your business. You don’t have to be pigeon held by your niche, once you master it you can build it out and continue to grow from there. Or you can start over again within a different business. Once you learn the skill of niching down you will be able to create, reevaluate, and clarify any business you have.


Amber Tobias-Harris

Intuitive Accountability Coach & Empowerment Expert

Amber is an author, women's advocate, empowerment expert and life coach. She specializes in accountability and self-defense. She helps you build your self-worth + confidence one choice at a time. And you have an open invitation to invest in yourself because you're worth it.

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