I Will Persist Until I Succeed

I will persist until I succeed.

Going after your passion and handling the brick walls you may hit because what you think it is really isn’t.  I will persist until I succeed…but just how long is that?

How to evolve without giving up.

How many times did you switch directions?
Have you ever felt like you KNOW the destination of your dreams, you just really have no idea HOW to get there? You know WHAT it is, but no idea which way is the right way to get there? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a road map during those times?

What do you MEAN?

Whether its relationship, career, or self discovery, we’ve all been in a place where it feels like we are hitting more brick walls than meeting the success of our dreams.
I’d like to use career as an example. When someone says “I’m going to be a writer” what does that statement really mean? Well, first off, “going” is a term used to explain a temporary action, such as “going on a cruise” or “going for a walk.” Neither phrase implies that the trip is indefinite (even though an indefinite cruise sounds pretty awesome). The problem here is that we set ourselves up for failure from the very beginning.
Instead of making an indefinite statement of “going to be”, make a commitment of “I AM”. Act as if you already are. SEE you being the thing you imagine yourself to be.

Here’s a plan:

If you follow these 4 steps you will be able to make a change in your life without feeling the guilt involved with changing directions.

Clear Your Mind

If you truly want to change something in your life, you must first rid your thoughts of failure. Think about what you truly want without giving in to negative thoughts. To do this, think about how important this change is to you. Make a conscious promise with yourself that no matter how hard this change might be, you will always keep going. Regardless of where the road takes you, you will stay strong KNOWING that the path, regardless of how indirect, will always lead you exactly where you need to be. Making this promise will give you confidence and promote positive thoughts.

Set Clear and Manageable Goals

It is much easier to keep yourself motivated when you have a clear set of manageable rules and goals.  Make sure you choose something that is within your control. You can only control yourself and your actions, you cannot control anyone else around you.

Remember, regardless of how many times you have to change direction, if you have a clear outcome in mind and speaking AS IF, you will be able to stay focused on your ultimate outcome. You will behave as if you already are. The number of tries it takes to get you to your goal will not phase you. You know exactly where you are going.

Don’t Do It Alone

One of the best ways to motivate yourself is to set goals and share them with those around you. Having someone by your side will help you stay focused and moving forward.

Whether you decide to work with a coach, enlist the support of friends or family, or even an online forum where you have something in common with members. A great way to keep your goals in the forefront of your mind is to make sure that everyone around you knows where you are going.

I Will Persist Until I Succeed

This is the most critical part of your journey. Keep sight of your goals regardless of how many detours you have to take. Again, remember the ultimate goal is your focus, the road you take to get there is secondary.

My Story Continues…

As a new mother in my 30s, I decided to change my life. Not because I gave up on the current path I was on, but because I remembered that there was MORE. I realized that I had lost sight of my ultimate goal. I had gotten too caught up in the HOW, in the PATH, and lost sight of the destination.

Today, again, I find myself in a similar situation.  I got caught in a life where I forgot who I was.  I started to work for someone else’s dream and in turn, I forgot my own.  So I find myself back on a similar journey that I was on a decade ago.  Back on a journey to realize my dreams again…

These are the things I say to myself:

I am living my dream.
I am a successful mompreneur and I know exactly where I am headed. The road may have been long, there may have been many detours, but I have stayed true to my WHO and the HOW has fallen nicely into place.




Jihan is an Energy Leadership and Life Mastery Professional Certified Life Coach with certifications from iPEC (Institute for Performance Excellence in Coaching) and Crowned for Success . She holds a BS in Biology and Exercise Physiology from the University of Miami (GO CANES!), as well as a Masters/MBA from the University of Maryland. Jihan has worked many years in the corporate world, and is now living her life on her terms. She works with women (and men!) looking to discover their true "who", get themselves out of that RUT, overcome their huge life hurdles, and start living the lives of their dreams on the other side. Jihan is also a beauty coach and is passionate about helping women realize their beauty and brilliance in all areas of their lives. Her purpose is to help encourage and inspire others to truly see their potential, achieve their goals, change their lives, and follow their passion. She's a proud mommy, an entrepreneur (a mompreneur!) a network marketer, a writer, and lover of life! She loves living a life where she can truly uplift, empower, and validate others! For daily inspiration, be sure to give her a follow @strongwomenarebeautiful on Instagram.

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